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10 Must-Have Worship Albums

This month, PI writer and singer Christi Given shares her personal all-time favorite worship albums. Christi covers different artists with unique sounds, from Kari Jobe to hip-hop artist Lecrae, as well as some of the familiar worship leaders of the day.


1. Aftermath by Hillsong United: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this album. The song “Take Heart” is about how Jesus overcame death and sin, and has overcome the world. I love the sounds in this album from the drums to the violins and the lyrics. Hillsong United is one of my favorite worship bands and has influenced me as a young adult and has impacted me as a believer.


2. Majestic by Kari Jobe: Kari Jobe is one of the most influential female worship leaders in our culture and in our generation. I really admire her heart for worship and her passion for communicating through music. Her most recent album, Majestic (live at the Majestic Theatre), has impacted me deeply. I love “Keeper of My Heart,” “Forever,” “Let the Heavens Open” and more. Every song on the album is anointed and blessed. The musicians are awesome, and even though the songs are live, you hardly notice it. Three words for you: Go get it! 🙂


3. Over and Underneath by Tenth Avenue North: Tenth Ave is one of my favorite Christian bands. They are so musically gifted and I love the voice of their lead singer, Mike Doheny. They also do super cool YouTube videos with testimonials and even have teachings in their vlogs. (Check out their blog here.) Mike Doheny and the band discuss how Christ is over and underneath (“He is above us but went below us…”). I love the messages in their songs and teaching—in “Light in the Dark,” and that forgiveness feels like “Losing,” but we are not struggling to be free. “We are free to struggle” is one of the mottos you will hear in their music and in their expression of their faith in their video blogs (vlogs). You will be BEYOND blessed because there is such honesty and truth in their authenticity. Freedom comes when we humble ourselves and admit we need a Savior. PLEASE check out their music. Watch the “We Are Cathedrals” vlog.


4. The Lost Get Found by Britt Nicole: Many of you PI Girls may already own this album, but seriously, Britt’s songs helped me want to become a stronger Christian when I was in college and inspired me to write more Christian pop music. If you like pop, techno or even some dance-inspired music, you will LOVE this album. Some of the songs are “The Lost Get Found,” “Walk on the Water,” “Glow,” “Hanging On” and “Headphones.”


5. You Make Me Brave by Bethel: Bethel in Redding, Calif., has released a lot of powerful music from Jenn and Brian Johnson to Kristene Mueller (DiMarco), Jesus Culture and Amanda Cook, with affiliations to Kari Jobe and more. The supernatural school of ministry has created a style of music and worship that is definitely freeing and repetitive to create an atmosphere of genuine worship that is not restricted in any way, but is definitely led by the Spirit of God. Go to their website to find out more about the music that Bethel produces. The latest album, You Make Me Brave, has been impactful on me personally because I love the song “You Make Me Brave” and also love the song “It Is Well” with Kristene DiMarco.


Watch and listen to the revised version of “It Is Well” by Bethel Music and Kristene DiMarco…it is a MUST-see.


6. Those Who Dream by Kristene DiMarco (Mueller): Kristene is someone I discovered a couple years ago who is affiliated with Bethel Church. You may have heard her new song on the last album review I chose for the You Make Me Brave album (her name is DiMarco now that she is married). Her new song, “It Is Well,” is a newer version of the classic hymn, but it is revised and more modern. I love that new song, which is on #5 of my list on iTunes. For the album she personally released, my favorite worship song on the album is called “Praise the Lord.” It is SO powerful and it crescendos over time into an intense worship song of declaration and praise. Listen to the song here. Seriously, the song “Praise the Lord” will change your life…so good!!!

Kristene Mueller - Those Who Dream

7. Gravity by Lecrae: I know it may seem interesting to have Lecrae (a hip-hop artist) on my favorite worship albums list, but seriously, his lyrics are so life-changing, and to me, they are impactful and worshipful. Some songs I love are “Gravity,” “Free From It All,” “Fakin’,” “Tell the World” and “Lucky Ones.” Click here to listen on iTunes.

If you don’t know who Lecrae is by now…you are living under a rock! He has been nominated a couple times for Grammy and Dove awards and has won both in the Contemporary Christian music category. Definitely share with your friends and peers. You won’t be the same after listening to this unique talent and servant of God.


8. How Can It Be by Lauren Daigle: My new favorite artist is Lauren Daigle! She has such a powerful and unique voice, and her debut album was just released on April 14, 2015. Check out her new album on iTunes here.

This artist is new from the Centricity Music label. She is rising to the top of the charts in the Christian music industry and is making waves with her powerful voice and raw lyrics. Some of her lyrics are “You plead my cause. You right my wrongs. You break my chains. You overcome. You gave Your life To give me mine. You say that I am free. How can it be?”


Her latest single has been heard on Air 1 Radio, has caught the attention of the K-LOVE Fan Awards and is soon to be discovered by other Christian associations. Click here to see her cover version of “How Great Thou Art” on YouTube.


9. The Great Awakening by Leeland: Ahhh Leeland, where do I begin? Leeland Moore and his siblings started this worship band that is filled with humble words of adoration for the Lord Jesus. I love this album because I can sense the genuine pursuit in the words of the songs and also in the lead vocals. The album is so precious in my opinion and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for some new music to listen to. There are so many beautiful songs such as “Chains Hit the Ground,” “I Wonder,” “All Over the Earth” and more. Click here to listen in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-great-awakening/id464447771

I love the lyrics from “Chains Hit the Ground” where it says: “And I remember the nails that you took for me, when you died in my shame and iniquity, Jesus you set me free…the thorns of my pain, you wore in a crown, when you bowed your head, your love was poured out…and my chains hit the ground.” WOW. That is such a beautiful example of the lyrics and the message that the worship band Leeland sends out.


10. Zion (The Acoustic Sessions) by Hillsong United: Yes, again, I chose United as a top favorite. Why? Because they are my favorite worship band and I really love the “acoustic sessions” version of this album.

You can buy it online here and also watch online at the official website.



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  1. Project Inspired

    Posted by InkyCake on July 3, 2015 at 04:41

    As a music enthusiast I like discovering new artist, here is a list of a few (most you will now) Christian pop artists I just love

    Moriah Peters
    Britt Nicole
    Holly Starr
    Jamie Grace
    1 Girl Nation
    Anthem Lights
    Capital Kings
    Francesca Battistelli
    Young Chozen
    Hillsong Young and free
    Oh Snap! Its Luke (this one is a DJ, look at the Jesus culture reconstructed album)

    I betcha you could tell I listen to the Christian radio. I like these artists, they give me the sound I crave and the message I need to hear.

    On the You Make me Brave album listen to
    You don’t miss a thing, you will literally cry.
    Here are some lyrics:

    When you speak
    Oh I feel it in my chest
    When You sing
    All my fears are put to rest

    What a wondrous thing
    I can stand to sing
    Cause when I fall to my knees,
    You’re the one who pulls me up again

    There is no place I can go your love wont find me, no place I can run that you don’t see. There is no place I can fall your love wouldn’t catch me, you see it all, you see it all through the eyes of love,

  2. Project Inspired

    Posted by pianogirl536 on May 20, 2015 at 12:42

    Any Jesus Culture albums are the best!

  3. Tamar

    Posted by Tamar on April 29, 2015 at 17:43

    I love this Indie Christian band’s song ‘Joy’.
    I call it Sorrowful Joy. It captures joy pushing through pain of losing someone dear 🙂

  4. Smylinggirl

    Posted by Smylinggirl on April 26, 2015 at 13:12

    Love Over and Underneath and Lost Get Found. I own both of them.