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11 Super Fun Ideas for the Single Girl and Her Friends on Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to have a boyfriend to spread the love and have a good time this year! Love comes in so many ways: through our friends, our family, our community and even our relationship with God. Don’t let your relationship status stop you from experiencing a fulfilling time this Valentine’s Day. Here are 11 ways to have fun with your friends!

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1. Have an epic girls’ night out. Movies, dinner or a play and a round of girl talk…what could be more fun? 

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2. Have an epic girls’ night in. Everyone bring a flick and have a movie marathon!


3. Host a game night. Don’t forget the karaoke!


4. Have a DIY spa night: nails, facials, make a DIY body scrub, the whole shebang!


5. Have secret valentine gift exchange with your girls (similar to “secret Santa”).


6. Have a cook-off and share a nice, big dinner and dessert!


7. Or make as many chocolate-covered strawberries as you want…


8. Don’t forget to invite a new friend who might be interested!


9. Get together and plan a super fun kids’ night by babysitting for a couple with kids so they can have a date night out.


10. Try out a new fun activity like a painting class, fitness class or cooking class.


11. Spread the love in your community by volunteering together at a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen!

What are you single ladies doing for Valentine’s Day this year? If nothing, that’s cool, too. Remember, there’s no need to be pressured by cultural ideals, either. If you have to get off social media to keep your peace, do it! If you want to get out, there’s no need to wait for love to come to you—get out and spread it!

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