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7 Fun, Creative Ideas for Ringing in the New Year with Friends!

Want to do something extra special while ringing in the new year at home with your friends? Here are seven fun, simple and creative ideas to liven things up around the house!

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1. Hang a New Year’s Resolutions banner where everyone can collectively write their goals!

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[Source: Home Talk]


2. Set up a fun New Year’s Eve balloon clock and pop one each time the hour hits!


[Source: The Suburban Mom]


3. Pass around these printable cards to share some of your bests and favorites this year!


[Source: Alice & Louis and printables here!]


4. Hang some of your most priceless moments of this year from a string of balloons!


[Source: Carla Aston]


5. Light it up with a handful of sparklers when the clock strikes 12!


[Source: Afterdorms]


6. Create your own balloon drop!


[Source: A Bird and a Bean]


7. DIY your very own photo backdrop for fun photos to look back on with your friends!


[Source: WooHome]


Are you considering doing anything special with your friends this year or thinking of using any of these ideas? We’d love to hear from you! Share in the comments below.

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