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Basically, I want to hear the positives (and maybe counter arguments) for why you should date the type of guy you’re dating. Pick a major aspect of his personality or his master status and tell us why we should date that type of guy. And then discuss.
I’ll start:

10 Reasons You Should Date the Firefighter
1) He can lift you easily.
Which is fun because he probably really wants to show off, and you get to feel like a princess in the process.
2) He’s probably kinda macho.
Which is again fun, because he’s always showing off. And guys tend to be really cute when they’re doing dumb stuff to impress a girl. Just so long as they don’t get hurt doing it, that is.
3) He knows how to handle stressful situations with a clear head.
On a more serious note, he’s probably pretty good at making decisions objectively. Which, in the long-term, may make life easier for both of you even if you don’t end up marrying him.
4) He’s tough.
He’s probably seen stuff that would turn your stomach and faced injury or even death, but he survived. This may be both a blessing and a curse in that, while he may seem to be coping well, that may not be completely true. He may have nightmares or develop an unhealthy way of coping in the future. He’s gonna need someone strong at his side, but he won’t ask for much. He just needs you to care enough to respond on the rare occasions where he does and for you to be beauty and comfort for him when his job is ugly and difficult.
5) He’s probably in decent shape.
Firemen have to be able to take care of themselves and others in situations that may be dangerous. They also have to get around in bunker gear, which isn’t light and doesn’t necessarily have much mobility. It’s main goal is to keep him safe.
Chances are, he’s got some muscle. That doesn’t mean he’s super healthy (My guy enjoys chocolate chip cookies way too much and I love baking for him, so he’s picking up some weight. Poor guy.) but he’s not gonna be in bad health, either. He can’t afford to be.
6) He’s someone you can be proud of.
He goes out there and saves homes, pets, and people. He puts up with those calls where a morbidly obese person needs help getting up for like the eighth time this week, and that one diabetic guy forgot to take his shot again and doesn’t complain… Till he’s off work, anyway.
7) He’s observant.
Firemen have to know what’s going on, and they can’t get turned around on the way to a call. This may even translate to him noticing that perfume you’re wearing, your newly trimmed hair, or the lipstick you’re trying for the first time. (No guarantees, though. He’s still a man, and they don’t care too much as long as you’re happy because a happy girlfriend makes for a happy man.)
8) He probably needs a safe place.
And you can offer him that. When he’s around you, he doesn’t have to worry about what people think of him. And, if he’s new to the firehouse, he may also need to feel respected instead of like the greenhorn he’s treated like.
9) He’s dedicated.
He gets called at all hours of the night to go save the world, and he dutifully goes where he’s needed. It’s pretty likely that he’ll be just as dedicated to making this relationship work.
10) He knows what it means to be responsible.
As mentioned above, he responds to calls even at stupid hours of the night. (Or when he’s on a date, hanging with the guys, or at church.) He knows that he’s got to get to work when he’s called cause that’s what he chose to do with his life. More than likely, he’ll carry that attitude into the relationship with you.
Obviously, none of these things can be applied to everyone who works as a fireman, and there are plenty of other guys may very well be true of. Dating a fireman can be a very rewarding thing. It’s worth a shot, anyway. But no matter who you’re dating, respect yourself enough to leave a relationship if you’re not being treated right. People are all very different, even within the same field of work.

February 16, 2015 at 14:01


Um, I’ve never had a boyfriend, but I’ll jump in :3

10 Reasons You Should Date the Quiet Guy

1. He’s really quiet so he can focus on his imagination
2. He’s really quiet so you don’t get annoyed by him
3. He’s really quiet so he can listen to you
4. He’s really quiet so it’s super adorable when he gets a little nervous 🙂
5. He’s really quiet so he can think of ways to make you happy
6. He’s really quiet so the romance just builds between you without a word
7. He’s really quiet so he can focus on God rather than the world
8. He’s really quiet so you can know for a fact he’s not talking to another girl
9. He’s really quiet so he can ponder and cherish whatever moment he’s in
10. He’s really quiet.

Also, the guy I’m talking to right now wants to be a fireman, and is taking some classes to get a jump on his career. What a coincidence 🙂

February 22, 2015 at 12:06


And you were right about the muscles. His arms? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang 😉

February 22, 2015 at 12:11
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