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2 guys at one time?

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During my time doing some community volunteering I met these 2 guys. Both equally lovely, both equally funny and both just nice guys to be around. Now, I never saw any of them in a romantic light, until they starting seeing me in one. Tbh, I was always told that it isn’t the wisest thing to date during sixth form (high school for the Americans) so I’m trying to put that off for quite sometime. I’ve been talking to both (they both have very interesting ideas and opinions etc) but it just crossed my mind that we spend time together then they might think I’m leading them on: which is something I DON’T WANNA DO. Now, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself because none of them have come out and said that they liked me. But, from the way they look at me sometimes or from the compliments they give, I have a strong feeling that attraction is there. I just don’t want the situation to end up being that both these guys tell me they like me. So what should I do? Do I just not speak to any of them (which would be annoying because I do like speaking with them) Do I just speak with one? Do I just leave it and we all just deal with whatever comes when it comes? I just want to plan a preventive strategy so nobody gets hurt or whatever (yes, I’m a bigger planner)

November 2, 2015 at 00:12
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