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5 years and counting of no church friends

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I went to the same church from since I was an infant until I was 11, I had best friends and everything there! I was like 5 years old and knew my way around and knew everyone there. Then one day something really bad happened and we had to leave. I am now 15 and we have been to 20 churches since then and joined 4. I have tried so hard to make friends and have the same connection that I had at my other church. I went to Sunday school, youth group, and other church activities\volunteer stuff. And I just have not ever felt at home or made any church friends there. I feel like I haven’t made any friends at my current church is because a sour event happened between me and one of the other church members outside of church. And then some other people I know will just come to youth group to hang out and it’s like they become best friends with other teens in my youth group and I just can’t even make one!! I’ve tried for 2 years at this church and I can’t get any connections and nether can my parents. I hate that something happened at our other church because I feel like if we would have been able to stay then I wouldn’t be dealing with this, a lot of friends I had there from birth until 11 still go to that church and they are all teens as well in the youth group hanging out together and going to the same school and I see pictures online a lot.!

Any tips on anything else I can do?

June 26, 2015 at 15:52


Pray. Ask God to give you a friend, even if it takes a while; and ask Him to give you peace and know when you find that person. I’m still praying for a friend and I know God is working it out, and I know He will work it out for you too. 🙂

July 5, 2015 at 14:06
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