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Any Christians who watch 'The Big Bang Theory'?

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Like the title implies, I enjoy sitting down for an episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ from time to time when I’m bored or in need of a good laugh.
I find the characters, especially Sheldon, to be very humorous along with some of the predicaments they get put in.

Anyone who has seen the show though, knows there are lots of sexual references and even a few ‘bed’ scenes. Nothing explicit; but unless you’re a four-year-old, you’ll probably understand what the kissing and people lying in bed implies.

My younger brother, a middle schooler, is also a little bit into the show. My concern for him is the way Penny dresses.
I don’t want him and I sitting down for an episode and having sexual thoughts/feelings while starring at Penny in a revealing top, or her legs excessively showing.

To conclude, do you think even if I watched the show alone, that it is *not* something a Christian should watch? I also want to add, when I do watch this show, I always try to find the cleanest episodes.

January 7, 2015 at 13:18


Oh, yas! I love this show so much it makes me use that horrid non-word. It’s one of those shows that honestly gets better with every season, even when I’ve expected it to tank.

It’s got a really great story line. I know it has a lot of sexual innuendo (the title is exhibit A), which I don’t find anything wrong with laughing about. But it has a lot more to offer than sex jokes. Geeky fandom jokes, science jokes, and not to mention a fantastic cast and characters, excellent writing, a lot of attention to scene design. But I think what makes the heart of the show is the friendship of the characters and what brings that to life is the chemistry of the cast.

As for your concerns about your younger brother, I would talk to him about it. Ask him what he likes abouthe show. Point out important aspects of character development, especially how Penny hanging out with the nerdier guys and with Bernadette and Amy has changed her into a deeper character. She’s not just a dumb blonde. She’s not just the masculine girl to Leonard’s feminine guy. She’s begun to think more deeply about the world, more seriously about her future, placed more value in her intellect than what she has to offer physically. Also, note how Howard has changed since dating Bernadette. From sleezy loser albeit-engineer to loving husband who wants to be a dad, who thinks about a future with his wife. You could say a lot for all the characters about how being around each other and letting each other into their hearts has changed them for the better and made them a nice little community of friends.

January 7, 2015 at 19:10
Mandi Pi

Mandi Pi

I like what NerdyChick said, and I don’t think that kids should be totally sheltered from perhaps scantily-clad women/men and such things, because that’s life, and if you can’t control your mind and heart when watching a TV show, you’re sure as heck not going to be able to when you walk outside and see people dressed that way. That being said, I have no clue your family’s beliefs, so I advise that you check with your parents to see if they’re okay with him watching it too. 🙂

Anywho, I DEFINITELY watch it, as it is quite amazing! The sexual stuff bothers me a bit sometimes, but I have seen every episode and never skip parts. My parents are fully aware of this and allow it, because the show does not truly glorify things such as premarital sex (the whole point of a lot of the comedy is that the characters having sex and all that makes things super awkward and difficult). I’ve discussed the topic with my mom, so I am fully aware and reminded that the things the characters do are not advisable things to do as a follower of Christ, and as long as you understand that, there’s not much problem with it.

January 8, 2015 at 13:24


Thanks Mandi Pi & Nerdy Chick! 🙂

January 8, 2015 at 21:47
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