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Being Cheated On

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There has been some things weighing on my heart that I really need some advice from any girls that can help me. I was with my ex-boyfriend for 3 years. We were super close. We were best friends. He helped me through my mom and dads divorce and we were pretty much inseparable. It wasn’t until this April, he started acting distant. He would hardly want to talk to me or come see me. He used to always want to talk on the phone or hangout but it was like he avoided it every chance he could. When I would go to see him, it was like I didn’t exist. He hardly acknowledged my being there. Well, I finally confronted him about this girl that was on his facebook. I could see he was liking ALL of her stuff. Every single post. Even ones concerning relationships. Well, I had told him he might need some space to think about things and he said no. That leaving him would be the worst thing ever. Two days later he broke up with me over text, saying he wants me happy and I haven’t been. Within THAT weekend, he was hanging out with the girl he said had nothing to do with anything between us. I found out that while we were together, he was flirting with this girl. He even told one of his friends not to tell anyone about them being “bestfriends.” It’s been two months and they’re together. They started dating within almost 2-3 weeks after he broke it off with me, but I know they were hanging out and being together before he decided to end it with me. This was a guy who went from wanting to marry me and love me so much to going behind my back and betraying me. My heart weighs heavy because it is so hard to watch the person I seriously loved be with a girl who is already being rumored to sleep with other guys. I know God will take his revenge on him, but I constantly finding myself asking if he will regret it, if he will talk to me again so I can tell him exactly how I feel, will this girl break his heart and make him feel the pain he put me through, and how is it fair that I am broken hearted while he gets to be happy? How do I move on and forgive him..? Help please..

June 10, 2015 at 20:47


First off, what a total jerk!
Second, I’m sorry ,there must be something wrong with him to treat such a beautiful, Christ filled girl like that.
Third, it’s going to take time. Things like this really hurt. But if you want to forgive him then I think that you may already have, but are still hurt by it.
Forgive, yes. Forget, no. When he and this girl end this, which is bound to happen, stay away from him. It’s a recipe to get hurt.

June 11, 2015 at 06:59
Broken Vessel

Broken Vessel

^ I agree with Juanita. Take care of yourself, and don’t let him use you as a rebound when they break up.

June 11, 2015 at 14:19
Project Inspired


Oh wow I am so sorry! Im definitely praying for you! I myself am going through a pretty traumatic ‘break-up’ with a guy who betrayed me. My best advice is to stay busy for a while. Busy to the point where you start to want to be alone so you can think. And also make sure you are expressing your emotions even when they feel confusing whether just talking about it or taking time to cry. This helps to process the hurt. Use this time to focus on yourself and how to find happiness in your life because you’re so young and have so many things to do still in life! Its hard losing someone who was always there for you especially when you went through rough times with their support but you are strong and beautiful and he is truly a jerk! I know that it will take time to forgive…First step is grieving and being angry but then you will get to a point where you don’t want to be upset anymore and then you can pray that God can help you forgive and let go. Keep your chin up because even though there may always be a scar it will get easier! <3
Let me know if you need anything!

June 16, 2015 at 11:43


Can I tell you something?
I was talking to this guy for like 9 months basically. We acted like a couple but we weren’t together. He kept talking to other girls and even lied about them to me. The thing is, I even found out that he was seriously flirting with this one girl (who had a boyfriend, btw) at the same time he was flirting with me and I STILL held onto him and kept pursuing him. At the end, I found out that he and this other girl were making out like a lot, and so I stopped talking to him, and then he ditched her too and started dating this other girl and they’ve been going on for almost two months now. It broke me to think that he could tell me all this stuff about me and about how he cared about me and then find out he didn’t mean a single word of it. So I get it. Not the same situation, but still really heartbreaking.
You just have to find that one day you’ll wake up and it won’t hurt anymore. Pray about it. Forgive him. Forgiveness is the hardest part, but it sets you free. It doesn’t mean it won’t hurt for a little while longer. It’s going to hurt for a while. But one day it won’t. You’ve just gotta keep your chin up.

June 21, 2015 at 19:15
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