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Being homeschooled

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I’m homeschooled. I have been for seven years. (I’m in seventh grade) When people ask “What school are you from?” I get really self-conscience. Though I don’t show it I just say I’m homeschooled and that’s that, but then there’s the people who ask “Do you like being homeschooled?” I’m like “Dude if I didn’t I would be going to public school.” I feel like I’m separated from the world. At church in our youth group people are talking about school, and I’m sitting next to them just like “De de de. Here I am everyone assumes I’m an introvert because I’m homeschooled. I’m actually very outgoing.” Any advice/ help.

September 4, 2015 at 22:34
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I’m homeschooled as well. I’m in eighth grade, but I’ve only been homeschooled for a couple of years. I totally understand what it’s like to get the weird looks when you tell people this (“but wouldn’t you rather go to a NORMAL school?”) You’re probably a little more experienced than I am in this area, but my advice is to just shrug it off. People that ask you a million strange questions are probably just curious about what its like to be homeschooled. A lot of my friends are homeschooled too so they get what it’s like (some of them have decided to go to public school now). Most people tell me that they’re jealous of me, because they think I work for like an hour a day (I have known people that apparently went months thinking that I work for less than 2 hours a day before I had to tell them the real deal). I really hope this helped! Just show everyone your awesome self and they’ll care more about you then your schooling situation! 😀

September 9, 2015 at 18:19
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I’m homeschooled too! I’m going into 8th grade this year and I’m 13. I’ve been homeschooled for nearly 6 years straight now (and was a little bit before that) and it’s wonderful. I’m part of a local homeschool co-op that hosts weekly classes at a church where you can socialize with your friends and, of course, learn. 🙂

September 25, 2015 at 13:33
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