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Being the Real You in High School

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I have TONS of trouble in high school trying to find a place to fit in. As in incoming freshman with little to no social skills unless I’m around good friends, i find myself lying to people and making up ridiculous stories to try to be cool. I know is HORRIBLE and i really want to change. Any advice on how to do so would be wonderful:) (don’t judge plz)

April 19, 2015 at 09:21


I’m going to give you a hint- DON’T try to fit in! Now, I know what you’re thinking “But if I don’t fit in, how will I have friends?” That’s just it. If you try to fit in by lying, or changing yourself, you don’t know if the others are doing the same thing, and then you’ve got a conundrum. You see, people lose themselves a lot when they try to fit in- I nearly did myself until I realized something: If they don’t like you for you, then they aren’t true. (friends) My social skills are… interesting, but I’ve found that just going up to someone, although scary, works! Just comment about something funny, or try to make them think. I’d go up to the people that look confused and talk to them- confused people need friends, and can be great friends themselves! I’d also advise (not judging) coming clean on your tall tales. It’ll clear the air, and maybe you can find out who is real friend material.
Good luck! -IP

April 20, 2015 at 19:20
Project Inspired


I totally understand where you are coming from, Hannah! High School can be so hard and there can be so many moments of feeling lonely. I definitely agree that it is so important for us as followers of Jesus to understand that we are not trying to fit in, we are more concerned with standing out and being different so that Jesus shines radiantly through our lifestyles. I have realized as I have walked through high school that the narrow gate that Jesus talks about in the New Testament is so real. I have seen close friends and role models choose lives that don’t reflect holiness and the truth of Christ. Let me encourage you, the Bible says that we should not be surprised when we are faced with these circumstances of feeling alone, because Jesus promised this. We should look to Jesus and His unfailing love and know that we are NEVER alone. Pray and seek God and ask Him to bring people into your life that will love you and love God and seek to follow after Him in holiness so that you are able to walk that journey together and build each other up! Friends who love Jesus are the biggest blessings, and I truly believe that if you ask God to present you with those people, He is faithful. God bless you!

April 21, 2015 at 15:15
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