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So, Im here to ask your opinion and I will try my best not to sway you one way or another
recently it came up in conversation that one of my christian friends (although we are not especially close) thought I was a “bible thumper”
they said i “talked about God too much” and that they see God as a loving and forgiving being and because of that they keep him “seperate from the rest” of their life.
Now. This made me think alot. I am not a legalistic Christian. At least I don’t consider myself to be. Although they wouldn’t know this, I turn to God daily in prayer, break out my Bible and do some study and worship on average once a week when I’m not super busy and attend church and youth group regularly. But, the reason this came up was because I have a tendency to try to give advice to the few Christian friends I have in a Christian manner. Essentially, I do my best to try to lift them up in Christ. I know I shouldn’t having taken such a small comment to heart but it really made me question and think if I was doing something wrong. Any thoughts? Thanks for your time. Lots of love!!!

April 13, 2015 at 18:05


I think they were mistaken, tbh. A bible-thumper is, by definition, a legalistic Christian who pulls out the bible specifically to shame and scare and laud superiority over others and keeps it on them for that purpose. You don’t sound like you’re doing that at all, and I honestly think they jumped the gun on drawing that conclusion without knowing you, since I don’t think you sound like a bible-thumper.
I’d say either correct them, and explain why you do what you do, or just don’t worry about it. You’re not doing anything wrong, so far as I can tell

April 13, 2015 at 18:27
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I don’t think you’re a ” Bible Thumper.” It sounds like you are just trying to help, and it’s a great thing to have God be so important to you because not many people do. I think it’s encouraging that you take your faith so seriously. A Bible thumper generally tries to feel self righteous and do things for themselves . I think if people don’t want to hear about God, we should respect their decision . I think you should calmly tell them that you want to help them but will respect their wishes. I think that by doing this they should get the message. Keep being their friend, and they will know that you’re there if they do need advice. People like this seem to be pretty common, and I think the best thing we can do is set a good example with our lives.

April 27, 2015 at 09:32


I agree so much I am also a girl who loves talking about God and giving Godly advice and I often think I talk too much about God. I say it is great what you are doing but remember that we need to be careful not too talk too much of God when with people who are non-believers instead we must pray in love. You sound like a great person with a passion for God remember to not believe what others say about you but pray for those who hurt you with words. God bless and loves you

May 17, 2015 at 07:13
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