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Body image

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Girls, I have a confession to make…and I feel alone. I am obessed with my weight, the food I eat…and well… I can’t stand it. I try all these diets that aren’t even worth it. Most of you all wouldn’t even think I need to diet, but I can’t help but feel bad about myself. Some days I feel confident, others there is a voice in my head that makes me feel so self cautious. I am not as skinny as I once was. And it kills me…. All these social media and magazines constantly telling me to be a certain size or look a certain way have me so confused and hopeless. I look for God, and I turn to God. Some periods of time I have a positive up beat..that I am created in Gods image and he loves me the way I am. But I struggle some days more than others.. If you ladies could please pray for me. I am just so desperate in the need of Jesus and prayers. Thank you. I just feel so alone..and I know I am being vulnerable, so please no hate.

July 9, 2015 at 16:40
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I’m so sorry you have to go through this, because I know it’s hard. Sometimes I’m so afraid of gaining weight that I’m too careful with what I eat. First of all, stay away from things that make you feel this way. For me, that means no weight-loss shows. Surround yourself with people that love you anyway, regardless of how you look. Also know that it’s normal to gain a little weight as you get older, and you don’t have to be rail thin to be healthy or pretty. I’m struggling with believing this myself. Instead of dieting, just find some healthy foods you enjoy, and have those when you can. Finally, and sadly, remember that the people in magazines are often photoshopped to be a certain size, and those people have their own insecurities just like we do. Think of one thing about yourself that you love, that you think is special about you. No matter what it is, you can pretty much guarantee that someone wants that special feature just as much as you want what the people in magazines have. The people that love you will love you for you, not because of how you look. Praying for you to know that you ARE special.

July 9, 2015 at 18:32
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