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broke up with someone i love

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need help please! i fell inlove with my asst music director at church. he is two years older than me. we met in church before i joined the choir last year and got closer when i joined the choir. in the past, when i like a guy and am considering dating him, i ask God for guidance. i dont believe in dating just for the sake of dating. and usually, God lets me see something that is contrary to my beliefs. that usually ends it. when my feelings for him got serious, i made this same prayer…but each time i did, i was being drawn nearer and nearer to him. i was literally asking God “are You sure. for real God…really?” till he asked me out. ivspent another two weeks to ask God about. same answer. i accepted him. we dated for two months..honestly, brst two months i have ever had. i onlybfell more and more inlove with him. and same with him. then i read the post about why a lady was glad she had waited till 29 to get married. how God had wanted more time with her. i admit, it struck a part of me. but i was convinced he was God’s will for me. then had some more situations in line with the post. i prayed about it and the painful truth was that i was unconsciously giving time to him that belonged to God. and the conviction was strong that i needed to end the relationship. the painful part was telling him. but i had to. i did it that very night. fear of trying to reason it out made me panic. but now, im confused. he understood that our relationship with God was more important. now im struggling with how to deal with breaking up with someone im still inlove with…especially one that is my best friend. we dont really know how to be now. everything is just soo awkward. i dont know how to deal with it. and the more i try, seems im going in the wrong direction. please help.

September 28, 2015 at 12:40


I’m no expert but it kinda sounds like you weren’t supposed to break up with him if you feel like you’re going in the wrong direction. If you were convected that you were spending too much time with him and not enough with God then maybe you just need to find a way to make God the center of your life no matter what your relationship status. If this guy was pulling you away from God and there is no possible way for you to focus on God when you are in a relationship with him then I think you did the right thing. If God was truly calling you to this man, then maybe that is God’s plan for you but He never gives us things so that we can make them the most important things in our lives. I admit I struggle with keeping God the center of my life when there’s someone I deeply care about. Maybe if you do get back together with him make sure that both of your goals is to keep God at the center of your relationship and that if one of you strays from God that you will both be there for each other to point each other back to Christ. Pray with each other and study God’s word together. Ask God to give you guidance as to whether or not you should get back together.
Hope this helped!:)

September 29, 2015 at 08:52
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