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Can I just saw EEEEEPPPPP!!!!

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So a couple of weeks ago, a young girl visited my church. As a college student, I don’t meet a lot of the new teens before our youth pastor gets to them (he is really smart but is serious in an intimidatingly scary way). I usually meet them after youth is over but not always. I met this new girl, Jordan, briefly after youth group because I wanted a cupcake and she was waiting on a ride. One of the female youth leader was talking to her and asking her to come back. I, of course, chimed in and said “I would love to see you here again. I don’t even know you yet and know that I like you!” and everyone kinda rolled their eye (as they often do when I speak) and the conversation moved on.

Well fast forward to this last week. My youth pastor posts on facebook “Some days youth ministry is just hard. Sometimes it’s frustrating. Often I want to pull my hair out. And then there’s days like this when I get to lead a student to Christ, and the frustration seems so worth it.” on Thursday afternoon. Friday night, I was working a ladies event at the church and one of the female youth leaders came and found me at the end to tell me “Do you remember when you talked to Jordan a few weeks ago? Well she was the one who became a Christian yesterday. She came into the church as an atheist trying to prove us wrong but said that this was the first place she ever felt welcomed. She said that right before you talked to her that night. You were used in her life and you didn’t even know it.”. Being told that almost made me cry just because I don’t usually get told when I effect someone positively. I can’t wait to work with Jordan as she is a baby Christian and I a more mature one and hopefully, I will have some opportunities to help disciple her in the future. <3

February 10, 2015 at 10:57
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