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Okay, so if you know what cosplaying is, you know that people take it to the extreme. You also know that many animes, mangas, and comics are highly inappropriate and desensitizing and for the American Adult, rather than for teens — Especially Christian teens.
As a Christian teen that watches a little anime here and there, and really likes Marvel comics, I’ve recently found myself at a con or two, doing a little bit of cosplaying. However, the people that I meet there are almost frightening. It’s crazy how serious people are about their cosplays (gore, or amount of skin they show).
The people there are also completely opposite from me. (Gay, activist, or just plain inappropriate)
My question is how do I have fun at these events, without feeling dirty simply talking to a certain person or group of people? I mean, it’s not like their rude, and we have similar interests (an anime or two, or Marvel), and it’d be mean to NOT talk to them after all.
(ALSO: As for cosplaying, I find it fun. So do they. It’s another thing we have in common. However, I don’t paint fake bruises on me, or have my breasts hanging out with my miniskirt. That’s just weird to me.)

January 11, 2015 at 08:41


They’re there for the same reason you are – to have fun (I know you know that, of course). They’re not there to make people uncomfortable. They’re just people, and they’re just wearing costumes. So what if the costumes show more skin than you’d be comfortable showing? They’re obviously comfortable with it. 😛
Live and let live, don’t let yourself be bothered by other people’s idea of fun.

I’ve never been to a con myself, but I know a ton of people who go at every opportunity, so I have seen many many pictures. From what I can tell, nothing qualifies as “inappropriate” at a con.

January 16, 2015 at 14:24


Very true, SinkyKitty. Very true 🙂
Thank you!

January 17, 2015 at 09:40
Project Inspired

Alyssa R.

There’s never a reason to feel dirty just for talking to someone! Jesus hung out and had dinner with con men and prostitutes. It doesn’t mean you compromise who you are or say that a sinful action is okay – Jesus never did that – but it sure does mean that caring about the people and enjoying life around them are good things. Just be yourself – pretty much everybody tends to appreciate someone who is kind and genuine. And just have fun with costumes and superheroes! 🙂

April 4, 2015 at 10:02
Project Inspired


When I go to conventions I know to expect outfits like those, so I’m prepared beforehand. If you KNOW that you’re going to see outfits like that, you won’t be as shocked and disgusted as you would be if you weren’t expecting it. When you do get there, there’s no need to stare at the inappropriate clothes (or lack thereof :p) but that shouldn’t stop you from having a quick conversation with the person.

September 9, 2015 at 18:22
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