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Did I ruin my chances?

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There’s a lady at my church and we have kind of a mother-daughter bond. It’s amazing! I love her! Anyway, I have seen her look at me a couple times and stare at me. One time when they were walking by me, he even said “Hi Julianne”, but I didn’t see them in time so I think he stopped talking to me. I talked to him again today. I thought he would know who I am since we follow each other on Instagram but he asked me what my name was, then introduce himself and his sister. Is it weird to know who people are when they don’t know who you are? At first, I sat down on the other side of the room very nervously, but I’m glad I decided to go over. I just don’t know if I ruined my chances or looked stupid because I sounded nervous and talked quietly. He was patient when I had to repeat myself though. At one point, he was talking about hanging out with friends, then I asked him if he wanted to hang out sometime. I thought it related but I could have been wrong. Would he hate me because of that? He said “Maybe” though and smiled 🙂 It wasn’t awkward and it was like he was already a friend. After church tho, I was scared to even look at him in case he gave me a mean look, and I don’t think he really looked at me either… His mom was staring at me though. Also, a while ago, his little brother looked at me and then looked back again when I was laughing and his little sister once gave me a big goofy smile like she knew something. I also made a nice comment on one of his pictures and the next day he was smiling and staring at me. Once we even looked at each other at the same time. Did I mess something up and is his family up to something or do they just like me? I hope everything’s ok because he’s someone I would want to get to know. I could definitely use him as a friend too! I don’t have a lot, only a couple really good friends and I would like more because it’s getting lonely. Most of them are at college and I’ve been good friends with them for a while. I’m forgetting how to make new ones now. My friend’s sister has recently been treating me like a friend tho and there’s a nice guy in my gym class

January 31, 2016 at 13:48


Sorry. I meant to say I have seen her son look and stare at me a couple times. I always hit the submit button too quickly

January 31, 2016 at 13:51


Girl you didn’t mess one thing up! You sound like a fabulous person, and it sounds like he and his family knows that!
And it was a great idea for you to go over and talk, you didn’t look stupid one bit.
Here’s a trick I use, whenever my mind insists on only thinking about the stupid things I did or something I should’ve or could’ve said I just think about the things I DID say and the things that went well. Dwell on those things and those will ultimately be the things that goes into your heart. Write it down maybe!

Don’t be worried on whither you should look at him or not if he is giving you a mean look, those are lies from the devil. Be confident in who you are and what you say, because people remember the good things that happen. He won’t be going home and thinking “I can’t believe she used that word choice! ” or “Wow did she really just do that?”
That’s not a person’s mindset. Its only your mind pointing out those little mistakes and making them huge.
That guy sounds like an awesome person to hang around, so I’d definitely say to go up and strike a conversation

If you need help on anything else please please let me know! I want to help in any way possible 😀

February 3, 2016 at 21:18
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