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Does my good guy friend like me?

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A couple weeks ago, my school did something special where special needs kids got to wear a football player’s jersey. I don’t have one, but still got to participate. My friend was so sweet and nice in letting me wear his. He even thanked me wearing his jersey! and he was so happy we got a picture together too. After that night, I’ve noticed that he smiles a lot more at me and his whole face lights up. It gets red too sometimes but I don’t know if that’s blushing or something else. The other day we were sitting next to each other and he leaned towards me a little. He kept running his hand through his hair and occasionally looked at me when he did it. Another time, his friend told him when I was looking at him, so then he stretched and lifted his shirt up a little. We also hold eye contact and he makes me feel so beautiful when he looks at me like that. Like when I look up, he’s staring at me with so much intensity and his pupils are huge. My friend said she saw him flirting with another girl, but I honestly think we like each other a little. What do you all think? and what can I do to not get hurt? I’ve had some guys lead me on and sometimes even pretend to want to be my friend. (NOT a Christian thing to do.) Thank you for your advice!

October 21, 2015 at 16:29
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