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so i am a new user on this, i need some advise on a thing i am going through at the moment. So i go to bible college and i know that God has called me to the ministry to help hurting women and to preach his word, and to go out in the mission filed to do so, the thing is that my parents are super close to me and every time i tell them about this, they say ” are you sure that is God telling you this or is it just you that wants to leave,” i know for a fact that it is not me. well growing up i always wanted to become a cop but God started to close some doors and it never happened but now that i know what God wants me to do it is like that are not wanting to except what He is telling me to do, people ask me what stops you from going on a missions trip well i have to say Money, and the church i go to doesn’t have a ministry on missions so i would have to connect to another church. i am a single young lady burning to do what God has called me to do which is to preach the Gospel all around the world. and i am ready to do so, can anyone give me advise on how to draw the line and say it is time just to do something.

July 30, 2016 at 02:00


I’m only 16, so what I say may not mean much nor may it be super informative. BUT what I can say is that if you truly have a BURNING passion to do what GOD has called you to do, I feel like the answer is right there – especially since it’s something that the Father has called you to do! ^.^ All I can suggest is to bring all your feelings to God – any worries, stress, and all those thoughts of yours that make you question what you’re supposed to, and if you should really be doing this to him – Jehovah Jireh, your provider! 🙂
Honestly, if God asked you to do it, then do it! Be obedient. If your parents keep asking you about something you are 100% sure you were called to do by God, tell them just that! My Pastor always says “When a word of God is given, reason is not required.” Hope this helps! 🙂

August 8, 2016 at 01:38


If you truly believe that God has called you to be a missionary… Just do it. Yes, there probably will be opposition, but the Christian life is full of that. It can be hard too, telling the people we love, especially if they don’t agree. But just know this…if this decision is God’s will for your life then He will be with you every step of the way. And one day, in the grand scheme of things, you’ll look back on your life and be glad that you chose to follow Christ through all the ups and downs of life. TRUST GOD!!! He will never fail you. HE will always be your faithful and constant friend. Go with GOD! Just do it.

September 30, 2016 at 08:03
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