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Errrrr…. Awkward not-love-triangle

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Forgive me for this indulgence of my wish to vent.

Sooo, as many of the topics on this forum start, a few years ago I met this guy. He seemed like a really great person (he is) and I started to like him. About a year or so ago, he and I started becoming really good friends and I can say he is definitely my best friend. At some point after this, he and my older sister became really close friends as well. This has been a bit weird weird and has caused quite a bit of drama between the three of us. She doesn’t feel towards him the way I do, and last fall she convinced me to tell him that I liked him. I gave in and told him and then she convinced him to tell me that he liked me back. That had never happened before… 😛 So, one case where having her be close to both of us was good. He and I have agreed to be “just friends” for now and we know that neither of us has any kind of claim on the other. However, I have really been struggling with jealousy. My sister has been going through depression and she has cut off almost all contact with all of her friends except for him. She really needs him – he’s the only person who can make her feel better. They talk over phone a LOT. When the three of us are together, I usually feel left out. They’re both very open about their affections, while I am more of a reserved type and I tend to try to hide how I feel. I’ve started feeling like I should leave the two of them alone because then I wouldn’t be in their way. I know he still cares about me – he’s told me many times. But it’s just hard to make myself stop feeling these selfish feelings. Does anyone have any advice on how to make this situation better? Thanks. 🙂

February 16, 2015 at 17:12
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