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I just wanted to start a conversation about fashion, whether it be clothing, jewelry, hair, nails, perfume, lotion ,makeup ect.

So I will start.
What perfumes do you own and which ones are your favorite?

I have Taylor by Taylor Swift, Tropics by a small boutique that closed, a stocking stuffer body mist, a perfume by some french guy named Oscar De La Renta who died and was apparently a big deal, and I was at Walmart a while ago and got a Wonderstruck By Taylor Swift perfume stick and a Brittany Spears perfume stick for 98¢ a peice!
My favorite is probably Tropics or Taylor.
What about you ?

July 3, 2015 at 21:04


I also have Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift but in a little spritzer bottle, I have Beautiful Day by Bath and Body Works, Malibu Heat by B&BW, Coconut Lime Breeze by B&BW (which I only use as room spray, I don’t wear it at all), and I have a sample of Night by Victoria’s Secret.

I only really wear Wonderstruck. That’s my usual scent. On special occasions I wear Night (so far I’ve worn it to a Halloween party and to prom), and every once in a great while I wear Beautiful Day.
I reeeeeeeeeeeeally want a bottle of Calvin Klein’s Eternity after hearing about it in a Fall Out Boy song. I’ve heard it’s an amazing scent and I really want it now!

July 4, 2015 at 16:24
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