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Fear and frustration

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Hi guys, it’d be really great if you guys could help me with this issue I’m having . For a while now I have had a constant and overwhelming fear I am not secure in my salvation. I’ve been involved in awful things like premarital sex, sending nudes, having homosexual desires and things of the like. I’ve also struggled in other parts of my life and feeling like I’m constantly like warm. I will pray and ask for forgiveness but the relief doesn’t last very long. I have prayed the prayer and I believe the words, but I’m constantly conflicted. I’m always afraid I wasn’t sincere in my prayers, that I may never have been saved. So many preachers preach scary things like you should know the exact date you are saved and I don’t. You should be 100% sure you’re saved and I don’t. If you find yourself in habitual sin you are not saved and I have been and I hate it and it hurts. They say you can’t be saved if a reason you are being saved is the fear of hell and I fear hell and death and the end of the world. Oh please someone help me

June 26, 2015 at 22:15


oh sweet heart, reading this breaks my heart. Mainly because I totally know how you feel, but also because all you have been hearing is complete lies. So I’m going to try and break down each lie best I can without making this a book 😉

So first of all, our relationship with God and our salvation is not based off of our feelings and whether or not we think we are safe. Satan has the ability to manipulate our feelings, and its a great way for him to turn you off from God.
Second, if you ask forgiveness and you mean the words, you are forgiven, end of discussion. You see, when Christ died on the cross for our sins, He already knew that after we accepted His forgiveness we would fail again, because we are not perfect, and are prone to sin. No sin is above another, and while you should continually be working to turn away from habitual sin, we aren’t perfect. Take for instance I was addicted to porn for a while. Ive been stopping for 2 1/2yrs and still sometimes I will slip, but when I ask for forgiveness, He has forgiven me.
As far as things preaches say, I don’t know who you listen to but I would strongly advise you stop. You absolutely do NOT need to know the exact day you were saved, if you did, then most of us would not be saved. Yes, you usually know when you are saved, but to be honest, sometimes I don’t even feel saved. I just believe God says if I make Him my king and follow Him, I am saved. And yes we absolutely should have a fear of ultimate death and hell. Because we weren’t made for it. We were meant to live in heaven with Christ, and the idea of being separated from Christ, your creator, is scary. That just shouldn’t be your only motivation, or even your top motivation. However, I know people who initially came to Christ for that fear, and now have truly met Him and grown a relationship with Him and its awesome.

So, in other words, don’t let the lies and fear bombard you. If you sincerely meant what you prayed, there is absolutely no grey area in whether or not you are saved. Embrace that and own that. Be free in that, and know God is always there to catch you when you fall, and to always better you.

June 29, 2015 at 00:51
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