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Feeling alone and disappointed

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I feel like this year I’ve been so much sadder than I used to be. It all started when we were all set to move to a really nice, warm-weather area for my dad’s job. They made us believe it was a done deal. We had a bunch of stuff picked out for after we moved there. At the eleventh hour the company backed out and chose someone else. I Tried to stay really strong for my parents, but this killed me inside. I wanted to leave this state so badly. Especially to go somewhere with warmer weather. Shortly after that, I got a card in the mail from our old church’s pastors wife, saying that she wanted to be a spiritual role model and friend to me. I was really excited because I had always admired her and was happy that for the first time in a long time, someone actually noticed me first. So I texted her a few times and then wrote a long letter telling Her about my spiritual life. I never heard back. I texted her a few more times, but it was like I started to matter less. The Problem is, that’s been a theme of my life. In elementary school I often played on the jungle gym or the swings by myself after not being able to fit in with pretty much every girl in my class. The recess lady felt sorry for me and made her daughter include me a few times. In youth group I couldn’t seem to become friends with anyone because I didn’t get what they were talking about; I have totally different interests. Anyway, we did eventually move, but it’s really hard to adjust. We moved to a small town, so a lot of the people already know each other and have friends. We’ve tried a few churchss, but it looks like everyone has been there forever and aren’t used to new people. I’m drifting apart from one of my only friends. Oh, and my grandma is losing her memory due to a medical condition. I really don’t want to sound whiny and sorry for myself, I just wonder if anyone ever feels this way. I know God is always there, but sometimes you want a person too.

October 21, 2015 at 06:33


Hey Gymnastics! I’m also similar to you, I’ve moved like six times in my life, country to country, continent to continent, city to city, state to state. All of those. For five years I’ve had no close friends whatsoever. It was really hard for me at first when I moved from Africa to the U.S., I felt really lonely and I can absolutely relate to having difficulty making friends. I have people I talk to at school, but we are nowhere near close friends. I’ve only brought someone home once really, as a friend, but even she is in college and I’m in high school. You can always talk to me as a girl, as a Christian, as a friend. My e-mail is mancillian@gmail.com . Don’t worry, I won’t just neglect you if you want to talk to me. It must be really hard for you right now, but I pray God will bless you with good friends in real life too.

Be blessed 🙂

October 21, 2015 at 09:29


I’m sorry. 🙁 I’ve dealt with feelings of loneliness before too, so you’re not alone in your loneliness!

October 23, 2015 at 14:04
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