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Feeling rejected and alone and can't stop regretting

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I’m going to be a freshman in college but also doing some stuff at my high school (super senior) It won’t be exactly the same though 🙁 I won’t get to see most of my year younger friends in the hallways and talk before class. I really just want that again. I feel like I just need another year in high school to mature more socially. During my four years, I have always been so scared to talk to people. Finally, my last week, I felt so happy and loved, I could just go up to people. But why did it have to take so long? I couldn’t even talk to my crush until the last day! He gave me his number and definitely seemed interested in hanging out, but he never texted me back. I also became friends with another sweet guy named Christopher. I saw him around the halls a lot, and I guess we just clicked. We would hold eye contact a lot and when he walked by my classroom, I could see him looking for me. He also smiled at me once when he saw me walking with a friend, like my presence just made him happy or appreciative. I just feel bad I won’t get to see him at school next year.

I was only stuck thinking I could only be friends with people from my youth group. They ended up hurting and rejecting me so badly…I just want another chance without them around. There was a bad situation where one of their friends didn’t like me and just no one would stand up for me. Any advice? Thank you (Obviously younger people are more accepting of me than older)

August 3, 2015 at 19:15


You will simply have to reach out to your friends in order to hang out now…it’s no biggie. Go have coffee, lunch, whatever together so you can chat and stay close to each other. Friendships are soooo important!

Think of college as fresh new start. Breathe. Don’t focus on the past. Be who you know you are: Likeable, friendly, loving. Focus on what you know is true so you can be confident in your actions and in what you say.

Try not to worry about being rejected. It happens. Try not to take it personally. You won’t be friends with everyone, you won’t be liked by everyone, and you won’t like everyone you meet. Personally, it was such a relief when I figured this out.

Case in point: the other day I heard one of my friends talking about how she disliked someone else I know who I think is really cool. There’s nothing wrong with either of these people, they just aren’t really friends. This is fine. They’re not rude or mean to each other, they just don’t hang out.
Having someone dislike you simply because you’re being you actually isn’t a bad thing at all.

August 4, 2015 at 18:13


Hi Child of God a lot of have Christian ministries so next year you might wanna go there and try it out for a few weeks I heard you learn a lot and have a ton of fun!!

August 6, 2015 at 10:22
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