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Fell for a guy that’s not good for me.

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There is this guy I go to school with, and I’ve known him for a little over a year, but not super well. We started talking a couple weeks ago, and I really, really like him. He is sweet, respectful, and intelligent. He challenges me to think about the world, and is opinionated enough to have meaningful conversations. Sounds perfect right? Well, he is a declared atheist, and has been for awhile. There are some other ideological differences, but none as major as this. I don’t know how I could continue things with him, but I really, really want to. Suggestions? or have you been through similar experiences and have advice?

September 20, 2015 at 08:49


Hmm that is definitely tough. Do you two ever talk about God or your faith? If yes, is he willing to go to church with you and support your relationship with God? If not, then I don’t think this relationship is honorable to God. However, we as Christians have a responsibility to go out into the world (but not be of the world) and bring others to God and help them achieve salvation and eternity with Jesus. I believe that God has you exactly where you are for a reason, and that reason may be to bring this guy to Him. You need to be careful though, because if you guys have discussed your faith and he is totally unwilling to go to church or acknowledge/support your faith, long term this may not be the right relationship and potential husband for you. God may use you just to bring this guy to Him or plant a seed of Jesus in him, but that doesn’t mean that this guy is necessarily meant to be your husband. My advice would be to communicate your feelings with this guy about your faith and based on his response, see where to take this or not take this next. If you want to let me know if anything changes and what happens, i would love to help to stay updated and try to give you advice throughout all of this. Praying for you and I will pray for salvation for this guy as well.

September 23, 2015 at 19:05
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I went through a relationship once with a guy who was an atheist. I rally fell in love with this guy and he told me he was in love with me. The biggest problem with it was that he was a huge distraction from my faith and by the end of the relationship, I was declaring myself an atheist too!
Just be careful that you don’t lose yourself too much in this guy. A relationship with God is much more important than any relationship with a guy.
Also, remember to ask yourself if this is someone you can marry, if not, then I think you have your answer.
Hope this helps!

October 9, 2015 at 21:22
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