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First dates

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So since I recently had my first official date I was thinking it would be really cool to hear about other people’s first dates!
Here’s my story
So my guyfriend and I have been hanging out for a long time (not officially dating)
So a few days before Valentine’s day he came to my house and asked my Dad if he could ask me out Saturday night he said yes and they talked and shot hoops for about an hour while I was gone!
Than the next night he was going to come to my house to ask me in person but he found out I was going to be gone so he called me and said would you be my Valentine and go out with me Saturday night? I said sure! I was so overwhelmed and not expecting it.
So Saturday night came and he was supposed to pick me up at five. I get home from a funeral at 4:45 expecting to have at least 10 minutes to change but he’s already in the driveway he had dropped my brother off early so I ran inside changed my muddy boots and when I came upstairs he had come down to the door to get me he gave me 12 red roses and a box of chocolates (by this point I was going crazy inside!) we went up to his car he opened my door and we left.
We went a nice little restaurant for dinner and after it went and watched Kung fu panda 3 at the movies lol he had me home a hour before my Dad said he had to! He was a perfect gentleman the whole time!😊

March 3, 2016 at 13:11


My first date happened only a couple weeks ago on a Friday night. First we met at an Italian restaurant by the beach. After eating and talking for an hour and a half we went ice skating and had tons of fun! Since then, we’ve actually been on two more dates and they keep getting better and better.
We also took a long walk on the beach and just last night we went out for sushi and then came back to my house to play board games with the family.

March 5, 2016 at 05:37


Oh my goodness backroadsrunner1027 and chloe523! Those sound so amazing!

March 18, 2016 at 12:26


Hi! So my story is a bit longer. I don’t know what technically defines my “first date”. About a year ago, a guy who was a semi friend/acquaintance/school buddy asked me to go to a Tim Hawkins the comedian concert. I agreed because I really like Tim Hawkins. It was not called a “date” because his youth group was there too, but we talked for most of the time.

That concert then lead to 8 months of friendly hanging out. Like 3 times a week usually… We were not dating, but we were becoming good friends.

So then, in December, he asked my dad if we could start dating. My dad said yes and told me that the boy had asked him. So the boy asked if I wanted to go with his youth group to see some Christmas lights. I said sure and he picked me up. Then, he asked me if I would like to start dating. I said yes! Then we got to go and see the Christmas lights, which was fun but I don’t think that counts as a first date.

I mean, we were basically dating in the month before he asked me, but for various reasons couldn’t actually. He bought me flowers for my birthday and took me to (and paid for) a movie. But that was back in November and we weren’t actually dating yet.

So, the other one that could be defined as our “first date” is when he took me to the ballet about a month after we started dating. It was my Valentine’s gift and it was so sweet because he knows how much I adore ballet! I think that would be the technical “first date”, but I love the memories of all those other ones, too!

March 27, 2016 at 12:10
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