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For the girls in relationships that want to rant & not be obnoxious to others :D

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Okay so if the title didnt tip you off:
This forum is for the girls in relationships that want to rant and brag about their relationships but dont want to be obnoxious to those other ladies that are single and dont want to be and so therefore i made a forum that we can do that in without being rude to the others. I couldnt fit all those words into the title, but thats what i wanted it to be called. Stupid 80 character limit.

So yknow how unless if your best friend is in a relationship too she (or he) gets really annoyed that you wont shut up about your new boyfriend and she (or he) slowly stops hanging out with you because she (or he) has to bedazzle her (or his) turtle?

And yknow all the little cute couple-y stuff that you wanna tell everyone that will listen about but youre just afraid to because you dont wanna be THAT person?

And yknow when he looks at you and says something really freakin cute and funny and you wanna tell someone but you have that hesitation because everybody hates you by this point?

Yeah, i get all that too.

Thats why ive made this forum. Because im in a really fantastic relationship and i have no one to rant to because im in between having a girl bff and my best friend is my boyfriend, but he already knows all this stuff and he kinda just tunes out after 47 seconds. Unlike us girls, who can just talk and talk for hours without break and not be bored.

SO, with that impressively long intro outta the way, ill start this baby off with my love story. Btw it doesnt matter how long or short your posts are, plus you dont have to be in a relationship to post. If you just wanna say “omg ive always wanted someone who would do ___ for me” or whatever it may be.

Btw im changing some of these names.

It all happened on the first day of school. (ill keep this story as short as i possibly can, i promise.) Wait lets get some back story first, shall we?

Rewind: The last time i was on this site i still lived in GA. Now i live in NC. In March last year i started talking to this guy from Colorado, and we started dating. I was still dating this guy when i moved to NC, and i told him that i wouldnt leave him for someone else (oops hehe). I moved to NC a week before school started, and i got enrolled into the nearby high school the very next day. Since i had plenty of credits (it was my senior year), i got to choose which elective classes i wanted to be in. My dream is to be a photographer, so, naturally i picked the photography class. Heres the thing: i shouldnt even have gotten into that class. There were 80 students that were signed up to take that class. Somehow, i got in even though i signed up for it last. Well anyways, thats where i met my future husband. 🙂 Not over exaggerating either.

Okay, back to the story. First day of school in public school ever. Freaking the fudge out, right? Homeschooled up to my senior year. My very first class, boom there he is, Chase ____. Honestly, i dont really have a clear memory of him for the first few weeks of school cause i wasnt really paying attention to him. That first day he came across as the class clown, and a redneck. So, eww, no thank you.
Even though i dont remember him much that first day, he definitely remembers me. Chase said he saw me then turned to his friend Mike (hes my friend now too) and he said “dang.” But the other word. Hes a strong Christian, but sometimes he lets things slip out when he gets excited.
At this point i noticed him but i didnt really want to think about it cause i was dead set on marrying my current boyfriend.
So started the months of him barely noticing me but kinda flirting with me on the downlow. Idk how he did it at the same time.
So a few months go by, and i never would admit it to myself, but i always kept tabs on this guy subconsciously. He was the class clown, and ive always been a sucker for guys that make me laugh.
Him and Mike would always be talking, always. Drove our teacher mad. And every once and a while they would try to involve me into their conversations. Whats funny is that Mike flirted with me more than Chase did cause they both liked me, but Chase though i was too good for him. (They always do, i dont get it.)
A few of these examples:
~Mike calling me over to his computer and saying that i look like Amy Adams. Nobody else saw it, except him and Chase apparently. Theyre so lame.
~Chase turning a fan we had on in the room towards me so that my hair was blowing and he and Mike started freaking out. “Shes totally working it!” “ohmygosh, can i have your autograph?!” “Look at you! *winks*”

You can imagine my humiliation.

This story is taking forever, time jump: The day before thanksgiving break. We had a fieldtrip to the local elementary school to paint their sidewalk. We were a photography class, but we got a new teacher halfway through the semester and she was an art teacher so we just went with arting from then on. Anyways, that day was the first time we ever really talked. Had a few conversations, got to know one another. He was flirting with me pretty hard all day and i wasnt trying to flirt back, but i struggled. Nothing was awkward, everything felt natural and laid back. At one point he said “were gonna go paint over here.” and i followed him and we sat down all the way at the end of the sidewalk and painted a landscape together. Everytime i would starting talking longer than a few seconds he would stop and look at me and listen to me.
Eventually everyone caught on to us and Mike kept teasing us about liking one another. Chase had walked off a couple feet away and was painting something on the sidewalk and Mike said “man yall should just date and get it over with” but i said “i….cant though.” and i kept looking over at Chase to make sure he wouldnt hear me. Then Mike kept pushing it so finally i whispered “i cant….i already have a boyfriend…” and then the crowd that had gathered around me all freaked out and Mike was like “aweeeeeee nah man thats not fair, Chase im sorry bro.” but when i said it i looked over at Chase and he just turned his head towards me quickly and we made eye contact before i looked away. He was hurt, i could tell. He wasnt as happy as he was and i felt really bad.
He walked back over to where i was sitting and sat next to me like he had before he walked off to paint something. Mike was still going on about it but Chase just shrugged. He told me later that he wasnt discouraged, that he just found out that is was gonna take a little more work to get me. After he found out that i wasnt single was when he said we were gonna go paint somthing, and i followed him because i thought that he just wanted to be friends.
On the way home on the bus Mike sat next to me, and i could tell that Chase wasnt too happy about that, but i thought it was hilarious. When we got back to the school, we had about 45 minutes till school let out. It was a Tuesday and we werent coming back to school till Monday. I was praying to God that he would put his number in my phone lol. We were just sitting there talking and everything when he grabbed my phone and tried to put his number in it. It was hilarious because my phones keyboard was broken so you couldnt type all the numbers in. He was getting so frustrated and embarrassed because his big move wasnt going well at all, and the entire time i was purposefully asking him “what are you doing to my phone? Omg dont mess up! Whose number is that?” and so he gave up eventually. But by this point he had gotten oil based paint all over my phone. I knew what he was doing but he said he couldnt tell me because he would be too embarrassed.
So, sadly, i spent the entire Thanksgiving break thinking about him. I couldnt get him out of my mind to save my life. I would think back to him even when i was on the phone with my boyfriend, which confused me because i didnt know someone could ever have that much effect on me.

Okay that is only the beginning of my story, but this is already way too long and i feel like only one person is going to actually read all of it. Ill post more of my story in the posts to follow, now i wanna hear all of yalls stories! 🙂

June 2, 2015 at 06:43


That’s adorbs, yes it is :3 But what did you do about your other boyfriend??? I needs to know this information!!!
Well, I’m not exactly in a relationship yet, but we’re pretty close. So I’ve known this guy since elementary school (I’ll call him B), but we never really talked until Spanish class freshman year, and even then, we kinda slowed down communication until Spanish class this year (junior year). We ended up doing a lot of group projects together and we talked a lot about everything and anything. So after that, we had pre-calc together, but we didn’t sit near each other, so we barely spoke. But after prom (I hung out with him there, too, and had my first slow dance EVER with his friend, M, who is also my friend– and I became slightly infatuated with M for like a week or two but that ended when I found out he was talking to another girl. But I digress…), he started running into me in the hallways– literally. He’d bump into me and say “Gosh, why are you always in the way?” but he always said it with a smile on his face. One day he stopped by my locker and said “Hey I’m gonna walk with you this morning because I have no friends.” And I said “Me either! Come along!” or something along those lines 😛 and I noticed him start looking over at me a lot in pre-calc and it came to the point where he would CROSS THE ENTIRE HALLWAY just to run into me. So I thought, okay, is something up? Does he like me? Or am I being conceited and just taking his friendly manner waaaaaaay too far?
So one day I get a text from an unknown number and it’s B! And I’m all “what’s up?” and he’s like “I got your number from M, I hope that’s okay” and I’m all “Sure!” and so we texted. And texted. And texted. All. Night. And. All. The. Next. Day. And I’m like okay something’s up.
So the next week me and M and 7 other people are playing Uno in APUSH. Someone mentions B to the crowd and M looks DIRECTLY AT ME. So after the game is over, me and M are left to pick up the cards and he talks to me: “So I hear you and B have been texting a lot ;)” “Yeah?” “So what’s up? ;)” “He texted me first, you tell me!” “I will find out; you can run but you can’t hide from the truth!!!” Haha he’s a character, but he’s great 🙂
Anyway, so basically a week and a half later B asked if I could hang out with him and his friends (a double date- bowling!) and so we did and it was the cutest because he held my hand and ah 🙂 and then on the last day of school, we didn’t have final exams during the last period of the day so we left and went to the lake and sat there and admired the view and skipped rocks and he drove for ten minutes in the wrong direction but we held hands like the entire time 🙂
And then we talked about making us official. Like… my first boyfriend ever. This is so exciting! I’m gonna be honest with you, though: he’s not really a Christian, but he’s not opposed to Christianity. He grew up in a Christian home, so he has the Christian morals and all that good stuff (yes, we’ve established boundaries and religious respects). But he’d be my first boyfriend and I really really like this kid, so we’ll see if we work out. I hope we do and I’ve been praying that we do 🙂 ANYWAY, we want to make it official, but this whole conversation was over text, and I told him that he’s got to say this stuff in person. He said of course, he doesn’t like stuff being just on screen. We’ve been out once since then and he didn’t bring it up. I think he might nudge; he might be nervous or something, I don’t know. Anyway, but the last time we went out, he was super adorable and I think he wanted to kiss me but I didn’t let him get close enough because, frankly, I’ve never kissed a guy and I’m kind-of scared and I feel that this early on would be too soon. Plus, it didn’t really feel like a “first kiss” kind-of day. So whatever, we’ll just wait for another time 🙂
We like a lot of the same things, but we have just enough differences to make us interesting. It’s a good vibe we have. I’m pretty confident in this. And I’m really excited that someone actually likes me for me, not just the thought of what I can’t deliver. Like… it seems impossible that someone could actually like this mess of a person haha 😛
Well that’s my story, still in the works. I want to read others 🙂

P.S. M is super teasing about this but it’s actually adorable and hilarious and I love it :3

June 6, 2015 at 20:43
f u

f u

I’m not in a relationship either, but, again, I am close (I think) to being in one.
So, I have known T for about 7 months now, we met in police explorers (which is training for high schoolers/college students who want to pursue a career in policing) I had been apart of it for about a year and when he joined I noticed him but didn’t really talk to him. Fast forward 5 months and one meeting during a scenario (we have to be the role players and be the bad guys as well as the cops.) So T was a “bad guy” on the call me and my partner D got and we had to go in and mke sure the situation was under control and then since we had to arrest T for assault and battery we had to handcuff him and search him. And let me tell you, in police explorers you get to know each other VERY well. We have to do searches so basically you are feeling the other person up. And you have to be thorough because it is very easy to miss something. So, I was searching T and he starts talking and being his character and complaining how he’s gonna start crying (at this point since the scenario was basically done we were getting goofy) and i was like “if you cry I’m gonna shoot you.” (Guys. we are role playing here, if i was in an actual call I would never shoot for that reason or say something like that.) annnyyywaayys. later that night, I was like, ya know? this guy makes me laugh and so i messaged him on facebook. all i said was “i’m gonna shoot you” and then we started messaging and we got each others numbers (he did the whole, “I hate facebook messaging, can I get your number?”) and then I said something about a snapchat I got and he was like gimme your snapchat. So, we have talked everyday since that first message. we have told each otehr we liked each other, and we have tried to hang out a couple times and he invited me to an after prom party with him (different schools…) but, each time one of us has had somehting. BUt. We are going to soon hopefully, we are both done with school now.
So, we’ll see, the colleges we are going to in the fall are 3 hours away from each other. so not too bad.
There is so much more flirting stuff but It’s so hard to explain in writing which sucks..

June 7, 2015 at 16:44


AWEEE those stories are fantastic! Each one is different and unique and its so great how unexpected little things like that start a relationship.

ktuck22 you wanted to hear about what i did, so i shall tell you 🙂

right now i am fighting a sinus infection and i cant sleep so why not, right? Talking about him makes me feel better. Today he texted me and asked if i wanted a frappe from mcdonalds bc he knows those are practically the one thing i like from there. So he stops by my house and gives it to me and asks how im feeling and we talk for about 5 minutes. When i get inside my mom goes “what is this? I didnt know we had drive-by sick service!” cause she has a sinus infection too right now and so she was borderline jealous lol. I texted him and told him what she said and he goes “i would have gotten her something too, but i only had enough money for one!” then he says “im so happy i got to see you today, even if only for a moment. I hate seeing you like this. You needed to be better about 3 days ago.”
Heart = melted

The day before i got sick him and i went to the mall bc ive just graduated and ive got some walking around cash. He didnt want to go anywhere bc he was broke and he didnt want me paying for anything, men right? I told him “youve spent so much money on me already, now its my turn. I kinda owe you” Cause its true. Hes spent hundreds of dollars on me, and its annoying bc i hate ppl spending money on me. Its a big point of pride for me. Anyways, so we get to the mall and go into Belk’s. One of my favorite things to do is test him, we always do this. I say “Okay, pick out what i would wear.” And he does! Every time he picks out one of my favorite things. Its mind blowing honestly. He knows me so well.

I never spend money, i hate doing it and i always think everythings too expensive. I was thinking about buying a pair of flipflops and the reason why i was struggling was bc theyre $80. To help me, he pulled out his phone and calculated everything out to help me decide. I finally decided to not get them, not worth the money, but he was patient with me. Then i bought us chic-fil-a and he was so uncomfortable it was hilarious.

Then when i was looking at some clothes he walked up to me holding a candle and said “whether you like the smell of this or not depends on if were getting married or not.” So i cautiously smell it and i said i did. Then without breaking eye contact, he slowly starts bending down to one knee. I turned away cause it was embarrassing but i couldnt stop laughing.

Okay, just had to put that in there XD hes freakin wonderful.

Alright, so i come back from thanksgiving break. And of course im late for school, so guess what i had to do? Walk into class…while everybody is staring at me. You try to make a silent entrance cause hes looking at you. You try to be normal and not draw attention to yourself bc of the circumstances you had left in. Well that failed miserably. Couldnt make eye contact with him after i walked in, which didnt matter bc he wouldnt look at me anyways.
So then that means all the insecurities come flooding in “why wont he look at me?” “Is my hair messed up?” “was i just reading too much into it?” “what if he got a girlfriend over the break?” “my outfit cant be THAT bad!” it was terrible. Over and over i had to keep reminding myself that i had a boyfriend. Horrible, i felt so horrible bc i had to keep reminding myself that. I hadnt done anything bad, but subconsciously i was developing names for our future twin girls. Bc honestly, if you can like someone else then youre not in the right relationship.
Okay and i know this is kinda mean…..but i honestly forget what happened next. The storyline is a really long one bc it played out over a few months. Im just gonna skip to the part i remember.
Eventually he starts flirting and talking to me again in class. The two girls i hung out with bc they were the ones who got stuck sitting next to me, kept saying stuff like “Girl, he likes you. You can tell! The entire class can tell! We think yall should date, omg you would be an amazing couple!” But of course, i had to remind them for the 100th time that i had a boyfriend. Dang, why couldnt anybody respect that?
Then one day, i get a text from an unknown number. Someone who called me “Colorado” as a nickname. Only the people from that class call me that. So i knew right away who it was. I was never going to let him see how excited i was. I had daydreamed about that moment for months. That day he only texted me for about 30 minutes before he had to go to work, and i told myself that i wasnt disappointed.
So then we texted the entire weekend and by Monday i was pretty much sold. I wouldnt reply to my boyfriends text’s bc i was waiting for his. I told my boyfriend about him getting my number and him texting me, he was concerned but i told him it was nothing. The only reason i told him that is bc i didnt want to believe that it was something. I was in some major denial.
So we texted all week, and by Friday he gave me an option. Either i would choose him, or my boyfriend. But he was done being messed with. That kinda made me mad, bc he has no right to give me an ultimatum when he was the one causing all the problems. My life would have been fine if he hadnt pursued me. My boyfriend and i had our entire lives planned out already, then here he comes and starts making demands. I understood where he was coming from, but he didnt understand how big of a decision it was for me.
I still hadnt made a decision by Sunday night, and he was fed up. I had a friend over and she knew the entire situation. Her advice didnt help much: “Girl why are you so depressed? You have two guys who want you, and i have 0 guys interested in me! I WISH i had your problems!”

So that didnt help. Eventually what happened is that my boyfriend could tell that i was upset, so he wanted to call. I was mortified. How in the world could i explain all this to him when im talking to him on the phone? It was nerve racking. I broke down and told him all about Chase and how i had grown to like him. My boyfriend was really angry that i would even consider breaking up with him after all we had been through for this random guy i had only been talking to for a week. I felt so bad. We ended the phone call by him telling me “just text me when youve made a decision. I still love you” then he hung up. As if i needed even more drama.
After we got off the phone i texted chase and told him that i was going to stay with my boyfriend. He said that he was disappointed but that he understood. My words were “you realize just how much someone means to you when youre about to lose them.” And i felt that way. So, we drove my friend home and then i stayed up allllllll night thinking about my decision and chase.

Plot twist, right? Werent expecting that! XD Oh you think THATS bad? Try having to face the guy you just rejected first thing the next morning. I suggested to my friend that i could just sit in her class with her. I didnt want to go to class. I tried everything, even tried faking sick. I dropped off my bookbag in the classroom when i first got to school then almost ran out of there just in case he was about to get into the classroom. I walked in the halls with my friend till there was only 3 minutes till school started. I begged her to stay with me but she had to leave to get to her class, and then i was on my own.
I made a beeline for my chair and didnt look up. It didnt matter though, bc his deck was facing mine in the computer lab. Go figure. The only thing i could hide behind was my computer. Class proceeded as usual, as i kept texting my friend over and over so it would look like im busy. I tried to pretend that chase didnt exist. And i was doing well tbh, but then the entire situation changed.
I was ‘focused’ on my computer when i see this hand sliiiiiiiide a bottle of A&W root beer across his deck and onto mine. Now, you need to understand the importance of this. When we were just starting to talk he asked me what my favorite soda was, so i told him A&W. I didnt really think he was listening. So, naturally, my heart stopped. I looked at the bottle like a deer in headlights. Then eventually i remember some manners and look at the person who just gave me something. I awkwardly laugh then take the A&W gently and set it closer to me. “Well okay then” i kinda mumble bc i have the greatest skills of saying the worse things ever in situations. But he didnt stick around to hear me, which made it even more awkward cause i was just kinda mumbling to myself at that point. He got up and was walking about the room talking like usual.
I looked to my left and kinda shrugged and chuckled and said something along the lines of “well that was weird, right?” to the girl who had no interest in my situation and just looked back at her computer.
Ability to make that moment as awkward as possible? Check.

Alright thats where the story is stopping for now. Its 3:20am right now and ive been writing for over an hour. So yeah, ill finish the story later! Not really sure how to end this post. So bye.

P.S. ~ is it conceited to be in love with someone whose exactly like you? Bc he is, we have the same thought process and were exactly the same person. Usually opposites attract, but since hes so much like me i guess its appealing, idk. And you would think that since were so much alike that we would never fight, but we fight quite a lot in my opinion. Its bc were both hardheaded and we never want to admit that we are wrong.

June 12, 2015 at 00:23


Okay, serious drama, girl. Serious. Drama. That’s crazy!!! It’s like a TV show; I need the next installment NOW! And no, it’s not selfish to like someone like you. It’s just that you like him. You guys understand each other because you’re so alike and that’s really helpful.

Okay so me and B are doing well! We’re actually official!!! He’s my first boyfriend and I’m pretty stoked 🙂 Also… I had my first kiss with him a little over a week ago!!! It was straight out of a movie, let me tell you. No, really, let me tell you!

So he took me out to eat and then we walked around the mall for a little bit. Fun fun! Then we left and we drove around looking for a place to chill and talk or something (we do that and it’s fun). So he picks the empty parking lot of this little country church. And let me tell you, this is a scenic spot. Across the street from the church is this huge field, just a vast expanse of grass on a small hill outlined with some trees (haha that’s Indiana for you). The sun is just starting to go down over that field. So I got out of the car to see it better and he got out, too, and came and put his arm around me. The music was still playing inside his car (I had my door open), and suddenly, the usual playlist of metal music turned to a slow song. So we. Start. Dancing. Slow dancing in an empty parking lot with a slow song facing the sunset over a field. Can you GET any more perfect than that?!?! So I figure when the slow song was over, it would switch back to metal. It didn’t. IT PLAYED ANOTHER SLOW SONG. AND THEN ANOTHER AFTER THAT. B was like “My iPod knows!!!” and I laughed. We talked a little, but not a lot, just swayed to the music. And then after the third song, metal came back on, so I went in and switched it back to the last slow song and we kept dancing. And then he got really close to my face and his eyes were closed and I just felt so ready (BUT HE CERTAINLY TOOK HIS SWEET TIME GETTING THERE) and so he just leaned really close and took his hand and tilted my chin up and he kissed me. While slow dancing in an empty parking lot facing a field where the sun was going down.

I had always dreamed of having my first kiss in a situation like that. I’m so lucky that it happened that way.

After that, we sat on the hood of his car and watched the rest of the sunset and talked about clouds and how God has a sense of humor and he kissed me a little more 🙂 And I straight-up told him I had no idea how to kiss and he was like “Was that your first kiss?” and I was like “Yep” and he was like “Aww well it just takes a little practice.” He’s super sweet though, he really is.
That was the last time I saw him. It’s been a week and a day since my first kiss and I’m itching to see him again. I’ve been in Tennessee for the last week at CIY Move with my youth group and we didn’t get to talk much. Ah I just want to see him again!

So that’s my life right now! I’m excited to hear about yours again!!!

And f u, I hope you two work out too, you sound super cute 🙂

June 21, 2015 at 19:47


And now he’s not texting me back. And I don’t know why. Just in case you wanted to hear about my life.

June 24, 2015 at 19:18


Just kidding it’s chill

June 25, 2015 at 16:43
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