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Hey girls. Well, this is gonna feel great for me to get off my chest. So at youth group I have a “squad” you know, the group I hangout with all the time, we call ourselves a squad. Anyways, the group has all of my best friends in it. I’m going to not use their real names so I’ll make up some. Okay so two of my best girl friends are in the squad, they will be called Delilah and Octavia. Okay so then we all have one guy in our squad and lets call him Nick. So we all went on a youth retreat earlier this month and Nick ignored us a lot because this one girl was always with him. She’s told me that she doesn’t have many friends, and that’s sad. He was hanging out with her the entire time mostly. She likes him and it’s obvious. Anyways, we went to the mall with the group at retreat and she was talking to mostly him. Then that night we went to a buffet and they sat next to each other and pretty much ignored me and my two other friends the whole night. Now fast forward to last Wednesday after youth group, he texted me and said that my two friends and I ignored him the entire time. Now that wasn’t intentional, we were all super busy with our own things and didn’t have that much time to talk to him. I gave him a hug when he left youth but still he was upset. I explained to him that we didn’t mean it at all. So I texted Delilah and told her about the whole thing too and she said that he has ignored her before(they used to like each other). She gave me different examples and he ignored her in all of them. We both told each other different things that he has done and we have realized that it’s like he only cares about his feelings and not ours. He tells me that he cares about me as a friend but then Delilah tells me her stories of him and it seems like he honestly doesn’t care. I can’t get myself to believe that though. I need advice on what to say to him to make him understand how we have felt because we both have told him before but he keeps accidentally hurting us and disregarding us so I don’t think he understands it that much. Sorry for how long this is, I just need help because I don’t know what to say to him without hurting his feelings and I just need advice. Thanks girls!

April 23, 2015 at 08:27
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Gods missionary2011

My advice to you is to just be patient when it comes to Nick and try to reach out to the girl that doesn’t have much friends. Hope my advice to you helps. 🙂

April 24, 2015 at 13:21
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