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Friend Issues

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Hi everyone,
so it kinda became a tradition to come here on project inspired whenever I have a problem so here I am !.
I kinda have 2 problems but they are related

1. So there’s this girl at my church and we were really good friends for a few years. I mean we had our little arguments and disagreements but never nothing unsolvable. Anyways these past few months, I feel that she started acting distant towards me. I don’t remember if I said anything bad to her but she started hanging out with older youth from my church and started acting more like them. Anyways she’s rarely interested in me. We barely say hi to each other when we see each other. I don’t know whats wrong. Should I talk to her and ask what’s the problem? or are we not going to be friends anymore? please help

2. This problem is kinda a bad one. I’m jealous of other people. In some ways my jealousy isn’t for the bad and it improves me but sometimes I get jealous of other people and its bad, like I get pissed. I know it isn’t the Christian thing to do but we all have sins and I want to get rid of this one. . I usually get jealous when I see someone hanging out with friends ( and their my “friends” also) but I don’t even get invited. I know I don’t always have to be invited to stuff but it just hurts when no one tells me about it. How can I stop being jealous of my friends and not being invited to hang outs? Thank you.

August 29, 2015 at 19:10


Hey, girl!
Coming from someone who has lost lots of friendships, trust God!
Looking back at all my failed friendships, I am so thankful they didn’t work out! Don’t get me wrong, it was super hard and extremely saddening going through these experiences, but God not only used those hard times to draw me closer to Him, but he also protected me from girls who would have been a negative influence on my life. By all means be nice to this girl and don’t ignore her, but don’t push something that God might be trying to protect you from.
Hope this helped!:)

September 11, 2015 at 23:41
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