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friend problems!

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so I have this friend…. well I thought she was my friend, well I really like this guy I really do! and I think he likes me. well she was dating him before I knew her and they broke up. so when I met her they had broken up. well anyway I invited my crush and her and my brother and some other people to hangout. and so my crush and me were hanging out together and she walked up to us and totally ignored me and started talking to him. I was a little hurt but I just ignored it. well then the next time we got together she asked me if I liked him and I said yes I do. and she was like oh ok. so now she totally ignores me all the time and is rude to me and she will only get together with me if my crush is there but even then she still ignores me. and I forgot to mention that my crush is best friends with my older brother and I feel like she is just using both of us to get to my crush. like she will text my brother and say hey are you and Luke getting together soon? my crushes name is Luke. and Matthew is like well yes. and she says something like well can I come I have nothing to do. and since my brothers is so sweet he says sure!! and then he says well im probably going to bring my sister. and shes like…. oh… I thought she had ballet that day. and then Matthews like oh no she has that day off. and then shes like oh ok. all of that is from a text I read off is phone. I don’t know what to do!! I mean I try to be nice to her but its so hard. because Luke is starting to see she still likes him and he doesn’t like her and he shuts down because he’s embaressed and doesn’t know what to do. im just really mad! she is just using me and trying to hurt me on purpose! and shes using my brother too!! please help me!!

January 25, 2016 at 10:32


Talk to your brother. Older brothers are very protective and may even beat her up. Then, talk to her. If she keeps acting like this then just stop hanging out with her. Life is to short to be spent with people who don’t really care.

January 29, 2016 at 21:37


I know it’s cliche’ and typical, but really just talk to her. Make sure you’re heard and that she is heard. But if it doesn’t end well then just keep trying, but don’t push her. When you get out of school you’re really going to regret drama you were involved in, so try your best to avoid it!

March 10, 2016 at 11:54
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