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So hey again.
I’ve asked some questions about my friend on here before but I need more advice.
So a few months ago I asked about my friend ignoring me in my time of need and being distant. Well, she still isn’t there for me but it’s gotten worse.
Her sister and I have been talking recently and it turns out that she’s been talking behind her sisters back and trying to turn their friends against her. . And succeeding. I also learn she’s been undermining her sister, just with small coments about how something would look better on her because she has curves.
Their was also something that happened last night. We where discussing some people and she was acting judgy about it so I just said that this was their decision and it wasn’t our job to judge them, not even mentioning her. Then she blow up about how she wasn’t aloud to have an opinion and that she wasn’t going to be a doll, doing as she was told anymore (I was honestly confused at that point…) and then my sister started adding fuel to her fire and it went downhill from there, ending with my sister leaving the chat room and telling her to grow up. So I revaluated the sichuation later to make sure I wasn’t the one being unruly. I still think that she blown up over nothing and don’t even understand where that came from. We calmed down to talk about it and she had said she had a lot on her mind and blamed it on being hungry. But somehow managed to avoid admitting that she was in any way in the wrong. I said that she had been acting judgemental about the sichuation and I was, apparently, wrong. Then I also messaged her to ask why if she had so much on her mind she needed to sort through, why didn’t she talk to me because I was always there for her. And she said that she didn’t really like talking to me about it becomes I’m not her therapist ( I’d liked to point out that she doesn’t have a therapist, though maybe one would be good for her.). Now I have some trust issues and really don’t move on from things very well. I’m a work in progress. But I thought that ment she didn’t trust me so I talked about it to another friend and she was great to vent to. But overall not very helpful. But she also shared with me that my friend I was in the argument with, had told her I had specifically told her to stop judging them. I showed her the actual conversation and she told me that I wasn’t out of line.
But anyway that pretty much all to the story so far. I don’t want to end the friendship, but she’s acting horrible to everyone around her and she used to be so sweet, and it’s really hurting me seeing her hurt everyone else. What do I do? I just feel so confused about what even happened to her.

November 10, 2015 at 23:42
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