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Ok, so I’m in Best Buddies at my school and there’s a sophomore girl who I’ve noticed has gotten a little obsessed with me. I started out really liking her, but now it’s getting annoying how she likes everything I post on Instagram, even if it’s just a quote or picture of my cat. A few weeks ago she even went through my follower and followed almost everyone. She also keeps saying how she would love to hang out with me soon, and whenever I ask her, she ays “Next weekend?” then that next weekend comes and she won’t text me back. We have hung out twice before; getting lunch and going to a coffee shop. I’m confused why she’s doing this since she was really sad I wasn’t her buddy. At Best Buddies events, she talks to me like she’s the only person she wants me to talk to. I made her a nice picture once with a friendship quote. She overexaggerated and said she was literally crying it meant so much…Not so sure I believe that now. Even worse, I think my crush likes her :/ He’s also my friend, so would he care she hurt me? He likes all her pictures, but when I see him he always holds eye contact with me.

I also have two or three other people who seem to be a little obsessed too. Why do they do that? I don’t think they should like all my posts if they don’t make an effort to hang out or talk to me. These are people who pretend to like me but make no effort to hang out. One is the pastor’s son of a home group I used to go to. Even though they might have known the other kids longer, I thought they would at least say “Hi” and not ignore me. Only his parents and a freshman talked to me. His sister also likes all my posts. Are they trying to show they really do like me? I’m finding it harder to believe people like me sometimes. I feel like something happened in that group and now things won’t be the same between me and them. Is it possible they know they hurt me? There’s also another senior girl there who likes my stuff. We were all going to go hiking but she had to keep putting it off for like 3 weeks. She forgot she had tickets to a concert. She also says she really wants to hang out.

Last, there’s also a girl in my dance club, and she always wants to be next to me. She’s always super close to me; almost clings to me, which is weird because we just met this year. She also always say how she loves me. We texted. She’s easy to talk to and we had some good conversations. We even opened up to each other a little. What should I do about these people? I somehow want to get rid of them on social media but am I just being paranoid? I guess it would just be nice to have some new people. I feel bad that I used to love people in general, and I would be so excited when I made a new friend. Now I’m not sure how much I like people overall. I need to get past this thing of not believing people like me. Can anyone please help me?

December 5, 2015 at 11:48


I just wanted to add two things; my crush’s eyes also glow and it’s like we can’t look away. What do you think that seems like? Also, what should I do about my youth group? It feels to awkward to go back and I don’t know if anyone cares no one really talks to me. Thanks for all your help!

December 5, 2015 at 17:14
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