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Frustrated with my church

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Pianist 4 Christ

Pianist 4 Christ

Hi everyone. I LOVE my church and everyone in it. Seriously, my church friends are like my sisters and my youth leaders are like another set of parents. However, lately I’ve been frustrated and thinking my church is too liberal. My church friends and leaders say things like “well we don’t know if the Bible is true or just a metaphor” or “it’s okay if you don’t believe Jesus died for you” or even “God will let you into Heaven if you’re just a good person.” They applaud the homosexual lifestyle and support gay rights and some of them even support abortion. Whenever we have discussions I don’t want to speak up because my views are so much more conservative. Oh, and also, many of them dress really immodestly and don’t respect purity. I love everyone there and could never leave them, but I’m just so frustrated! Any advice?

August 5, 2015 at 19:15
Project Inspired


Heyyyy! Those doctrines are extremely scary. What is the point of Christianity, if “God will let you into heaven if you’re just a good person”? Why follow a religion and a bible that you don’t know is true, or that you believe is simply a metaphor? And what a lot of people don’t understand about the homosexual lifestyle, is that while it may feel natural, and it may feel nice and non-judgmental to support it, it is not in God’s law and thus, it can harm people. If I were you, I would start searching for a new church that truly adheres to Christ and his teachings. There is need for God in this hurting world, so unlike what your youth leaders are saying, it is NOT okay if you don’t believe Jesus died for you. Anyway, there must be a number of God-fearing churches that you can find in your area which will lead you forward in your spiritual journey. I think it’s imperative that you find one, otherwise you might fall in your faith.

August 22, 2015 at 11:14


It sounds like you aren’t ready to completely leave your current church. So my advice is to find another church or small group whose teachings are more conservative and attend there also. You could go to the regular services at your current church and attend a small group at the new church, or vice versa. That way you can stay close to your current church family and also hear teachings that adhere more closely to your beliefs.

August 22, 2015 at 22:04
Pianist 4 Christ

Pianist 4 Christ

LitFreak98- I completely agree that my church has a LOT of false doctrines, many of which are not Christian at ALL. However, like I said, my church friends are like my sisters, and it would be pretty hard for me to just leave completely. My family is very involved there and have done a lot of work for them, and my parents have been pushing for teaching what God would want us to teach, so I feel like we can’t just ditch the church without helping others there see the truth. I also agree with what May93 said, that I could find another church or place that will help me grow in the TRUTH while also still going to my church sometimes for events and to hear sermons on the few beliefs that ARE Biblical.
Thank you both so much for your advice and God bless you!

September 3, 2015 at 06:47
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