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So I have had strong feelings for one of my guy friends that I’ve known for awhile. I would even stretch to say that I’m in love with him. So I’ve never seen him on a consistent basis anymore, so its not like we hang out often anymore. He’s had a girlfriend, and when I found out I went and cried with my friend for almost an hour. I say and think that I’ve over him and then I see him or talk to him and then I miss him terribly. Now he has a new girlfriend and I do wish them the best, but I’m tried of having feelings for guy that doesn’t like me like that. So what’s the best way to move on completely? I’ve prayed for it to be washed away, but it seems to fade consciously and then pop up. Help?

July 1, 2016 at 14:43


I had a crush on one of my guy friends for a little over four years. In all those years, he was never really the nicest to me and never really returned the affection I had for him, which really hurt. I finally decided about a year ago that I was not going to stay in that one sided “relationship” any longer, because it was very unhealthy emotionally. So I would say the best way to move on completely would be this: remind yourself that a relationship never works when it’s one sided, and you deserve so much better. It will be difficult to walk away from this guy, but always remember that you, as God’s princess, deserve a guy who will pursue you and do anything he can to be with you. Never settle! Always wait for God’s best! Always keep the door open for friendship with this guy, though, and maybe it’s God’s plan for you and him to work out someday in the future! But for now in the circumstances that you are in, continue praying for God’s help in moving on, and pray that God will give you feelings of true love towards a guy only when he’s the one God approves. I really hope this helped! Stay strong!

July 30, 2016 at 11:47


I know exactly how you feel. I litterly just found out how to move on.

1. Hang out with Godly friends (girls)
Have a girls night! Go watch a marathon of your favorite tv show! Bake laugh and dont talk about guys its just you tonight.
2. Pray that Gods will will be done, what I mean by this is pray for him to open your eyes to whatever his plan is, because it is perfect. He knows what he is doing girl.
3. talk to other guys
ok im not saying you need to actively go out and pursue other guys, but when I was going through this I cancelled out all the other ones that passed my way because I was only thinking about him. Know that I took the time to talk to some other great ones I realized what i had missed!
4. smile alot
all the time, even if you dont feel like it, it has been proven to lighten your mood.
dont, just dont. Listin to music that uplifts you in the Lord! Such as hollyn, shes a good one.
6. read your bIble, specifically Esther, Jeremiah, and new testament
these are all people who went through great trials but Followed God anyway and changed the world. You are just like them.
7. Volunteer your time’
I know it is hard now, but volunteering at a soup kitchen, going to Africa, doing some sort of charity work will help you realize what you are going through compared to others. and you are doing something for the Lord.
I hope this helped! Let me know what happens!

August 19, 2016 at 10:21
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