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My friend group is an interesting mix. We’re all college-age, but in various stages of life. Some are at Bible schools, others community college, some university, and others are simply working. We’re a bit more like family than friends, the kind of people who invite themselves over, walk in the door and open the fridge without asking, and will volunteer to let their house be the gathering place even if they can’t be there themselves. We love this aspect of our friendships, but it produces some interesting dynamics. Due to our sibling-like friendships, it has become increasingly difficult for us girls to tell the guys’ intentions. Unfortunately, a lot of the “typical” signals don’t apply because we already know all of their friends, they’re gonna share their food whether they like it or not, they spend a majority of their time either with girls or coed groups, and phone or real life conversations are more common than texting. So basically we’re the first season of FRIENDS minus the sleeping around. Any suggestions, advice, or commiseration?

February 18, 2015 at 04:01
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