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Have I been rejected by them? Facebook and social ettiquette help please

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I have posted about this situation before, but I could use some more help with it please. There’s a lady at church who me and my mom used to help with the pastries in the mornings. We get along really well and I have heard she seems to really like me. I met her last year and earlier this year, I sent her a friend request on Facebook. Later when I looked, it was gone and she might have made it so I can’t send her another one? 🙁 She has a combined account with her husband tho, so maybe he didn’t know who it was. Is there anything I can do now? I want to be able to talk to her, see what she’s up to, and so she can see what I’m up to too. I really like her and at church it seems like we’re family. She has one son who was my age in high school, but never talked to me, even though I ate lunch with is gf. She has another son a little younger than me and has been nicer, than a younger boy and girl. I requested to follow her one son Alex after church one day. He accepted and followed back. Then a couple months later at church one Sunday, I saw him and decided to talk to him. I thought he knew who I was but he asked me what my name was and then introduced me to his sister. I asked him some questions about the weekend and he said “Just hanging out with friends”. Then I asked if he would want to hang out because I stupidly thought it related. He was patient though. Later that day, I liked one of his pictures and then he unfollowed me. I also follow him on Twitter but he doesn’t seem to care. Months later at church now, in the summer, today Alex and his mom kept looking at me. Someone can up to talk to me and they both looked at me right when I was smiling. I also went to one end of the hallway to help with something. He was in the middle helping his mom but kept looking directly where I was. I then went to the other end in the sanctuary and he watched when someone hugged me and I could see him, he kept smiling and turning to where I was. He also has looked at me in the past when I talk to his mom. His sister once also had a goofy smile on her face and his little brother kept looking at me too when I laughed. Should I try to be friends with them or should I stop? I’m kind of scared to talk to them both now. Obviously today her son showed some interest, but I don’t know how to go on with this now. For some reason, I become friends easier with people when they follow me. I also want to have a way to keep in touch with his mom. I don’t care if he doesn’t like me. I just thought me and is mom had a good friendship, and I guess it just felt like I knew him well too, like when you’re accepted by family friends. She has stared at me sometimes, and I feel like when she sees me, she sees something special in me, not just as a person, but potentially something for Alex. Lately I’ve been seeing him around too. One time at Culver’s with my family and another time when me and my friend pulled to a stoplight and he was driving. I also do feel very special when I’m around them. But what should I do about him unfollowing me and not being able to send her a friend request? Is it okay to talk to them?

I also have tried friending other kids at school this year and some of them have made it so I can’t send them a request anymore. They were all people in my classes, so we all knew each other. Another kid just left mine on is but we kept gaining mutual friends 🙁 I’m so glad this year is over now. I felt rejected by everyone at school and felt like no one liked me or cared. When I saw maybe these people did, it gave me hope, but maybe not now. Thank you so much for all your help! I always worry if I’m acting right

July 3, 2016 at 13:43


Not sure if you’re still dealing with this problem, but for one, bringing all your feelings to God is the 1st step! And don’t sugarcoat your feelings; tell God EXACTLY how stressful this is – talk to him the same way you would talk to the closest person in your life. Let God know that you have know idea what to do & that you need him, and I promise you’ll have an answer!
Personally, I think confronting them (in a peaceful way) why they keep doing whatever they’re doing, but if you’re literally SCARED of them?? Maybe they’re not the ones to be friends with… But yeah, talk to God before doing anything! 🙂

August 8, 2016 at 01:56
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