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Have you ever just been really tired of yourself?

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Ok so bear with me because I’m not sure exactly how to put this into words but…recently I’ve thought how tired I am of being self absorbed, and tired of not taking advantage of my freedom and all the privileges I’ve been born with that other people don’t have.

Like there’s a whole world out there: There’s actually real life problems like people in North Korea have zero freedom of expression, or even thought. (As the NK government basically censors everything people in the country can see)

There’s people out there struggling with suicidal tendencies and cutting and loneliness

And I’m over here like:

I’m scared of setting up electrical services for my apt
What if my roommates don’t pay their part of the bills on time?
What if we don’t get along?
What if people don’t like me?
What if people do like me?
What if I’m not smart enough?

And it’s just so…unimportant when you think about actual real issues in life. Idk…has anyone else ever felt this way?

June 29, 2016 at 11:24


I know the feeling. Though, I must say, I find I get more annoyed with other people’s problem’s than my own…mostly people who are dramatic about it and/or complain on facebook. …it’s just irritating when someone acts like their problems concern the end of the world when they really, really don’t. And it’s easy to spot people who are particularly ignorant to that fact, and contrast them to people who are fully aware how great they actually have it.

But when I find myself panicking about stupid problems like that, it actually helps a bit to remember that they aren’t that big of problems, and that the worst case scenario really isn’t the end of the world.

June 29, 2016 at 18:10


Exactly! I panic a lot over things that don’t really matter. Remembering that there are bigger problems in the world helps put things in perspective and calm me down 😛

June 29, 2016 at 18:33


Living in your own head is brutal. Its funny because when I open up to people about the things that go on in my head (I have PTSD and Bipolar 2) I get so often “Really? But you seem so confident and okay” and its like, well Im trusting that feelings aren’t always fact, and everyone always has their issues so I am going to continue along.
And as far as others having “worse” issues than yours, everyone struggles, and while others may know a deeper pain, in the moment, whatever has been your worst, hurts and is frustrating and you have every right to be concerned about the things you have listed. It isn’t selfish. Its human. I really like the analogy of fear I heard yesterday.

They compared it to a toddler (that isn’t your own), itll throw a tantrum and its your choice to either ignore it and let it pass, keep it occupied and continue on, or you feed it, give it attention, and it eventually turns into the Hulk.
Anyway, I dont know if any of that made sense (thank you sleeping pills that have me tired but not able to sleep) and I may just be rambling but it helped me out.
And know that EVERYONE goes through those things. Most just dont post it all over social media (which I agree is annoying when they do). Social media is a highlight reel. What goes on behind the scenes usually looks a lot different.

July 1, 2016 at 22:03
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