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Help me! I'm so confused!

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Hi everyone. I have been struggling with my faith recently, at least it feels like it. I love God so much, but i feel so distant from him so easily! One day I feel so close and, the next I am wondering if God is even listening to me. I just feel so confused. I don’t come from a family of very strong believers. They all say they believe, but I’m unsure if they really do. They talk about evolution and, how science explains everything. I feel like I get too many mixed messages. I want to be really close to the Lord, but I feel like it’s difficult. I want my family to be saved as well of course, but that may be out of my hands. I just feel so confused about the entire thing. Also, have any of you ever felt god In your life? What does it feel like? Has he ever spoken to you? I want to communicate with God. If someone could just help me gain some clarity on the entire situation that would be amazing.

December 1, 2014 at 23:20
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I used to be like you where one day my faith would be all up and i would be praising God more and praying. But then the next day I wouldnt have a whole lot of faith. Until one day it changed… I dont know how it changed… but I think having a firm foundation in the Lord is a good start. Luke 6:46-49 . How to have a firm foundation is keep praying for God to help you to have a desire after him, keep reading the bible and go to church. Pray to God if there is any sin in your life, and if there is, pray that he would revel it to you. Ask God for forgiveness. May the Lord bless you, Amen.

December 3, 2014 at 19:32
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Hey girl!
You are not alone in your confusion! I have had friends go through times where they feel stagnate in their faith, I think everyone goes through ups and downs with their faith but the awesome thing is that God is always constant! He is always there when we need him and he loves us no matter what! I love this saying that says if we feel far away from God then who moved? It must have been us because God is always near to hear and comfort us. Don’t just read your Bible and pray because you feel like you have to…do it because you want to and know that it will give you strength, contentment and wisdom. Feeling God’s presence can come at any time. Sometimes a moment will just hit me when I’m singing at church or if I’ve been praying for an answer, opportunity or worry and God provides a peace. Know that God is always listening to you. He knows your heart and wants to guide you to be the best he knows you can be!
With your family, just constantly pray that God softens their heart and ask God for opportunities to talk with them. I used to hate the concept of evolution but when I took a Bio class at my Christian college I learned how science and faith can mesh together. An awesome book to read or to offer your family is called “Origins” that talks about Christian perspectives on creation.
Hope this helped, I pray that you grow closer in your faith. Just know Jesus loved you and wants to give you a blessed life!

December 8, 2014 at 05:05
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