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Hey PI girls! ^_^)/
My name is Nicole. I moved to the US 3 years ago & recently, and by recently I mean 8 months ago, moved to another State. My family & I started going to this *amazing* American church. There at the worship group there’s this one guy <3. If I was to start from the beginning, I went through two very painful heartbreaks. This lead me to decide to do something I should have done way before. For the sake of information, both relationships were in my mind God centered & with the goal of marriage. Though in both that apparently wasn't what those guys had in mind. Although I guess great guys, they just clearly weren't the man God has for me. See sadly & with shame I can see now, they both lead me astray from God. & if to be honest, they filled my heart with sin. God was simply protecting my purity & when the painful heartbreaks happened because he knows my heart but also knew theirs & their minds. In my mind flooded with ignorance & poor self-esteem I just allowed some things to happened that a christian girl shouldn't have allowed. All because that was a way to me to let them know "I loved them." Which now to be honest with myself I didn't & as I said before those relationships were only spiritually making me sick, filling my heart with sin as it was leading me far from God. I can see now that was Jesus way of protecting me for the one. Now, I couldn't be happier because I still have dreams & memories to be filled, my virginity & the title of my fist boyfriend to the one Jesus has for me. So I repent, restored my heart, & re-established my purity promise now stronger with God. In between tears had a heart to heart with the only one that knows my heart, Jesus. That night I described him what I wanted on a guy physically, mentally & spiritually. Time passed, & on my ACT test day, that morning God spoke to my heart & remembered me something He told me long ago but I stupidly ignored, then in my mind came this thought "That guy, he will be there today at your room." Surprise, that that following Sunday I see singing on the worship team {I wanted him to be a worshiper in spirit & truth God} this handsome young man {I want him to be southern, blond & blue eyes, not fat nor skinny with a beautiful smile} that the day before, I saw entering in my test room with sweat pants and sneakers. It's been 8 month & I have never spoke to him nor said hi more that twice. Even though I was hesitant because I literally felt like no attraction towards him even though my heart recognize him (I didn't even tolerated him); Every day I feel like this feeling in my heart is leaving the crush dream as it is walking closer & closer towards the falling in love reality. Each Sunday & Wednesday more things I like as deeper I fall. But how to know if this is "he". How to know if it is just a product of my imagination? How when he doesn't even looks at me? I mean, he could not show less interest but I'm afraid I also have shown the same no interest. Moreover I'm pretty sure he likes someone else. He is so smart. Like literally Doctor to be presidential scholarship super smart. He is just perfect, really. I am just . . Not. I need help. I need to know how to wait & not loose hope. I need an honest girl to girl advice that goes beyond what I'm already doing, praying & waiting.
Nicole <3

January 13, 2015 at 05:58


Hi Nicole!

First, welcome to the US! 🙂

If the relationship is taking longer to take off than you want, consider the fact that YOU may be ready, but God’s still working on his heart and personality. Or, God could still be working on you so your relationship will be even better than you expected! 😉

It’s possible the guy likes someone else, but that doesn’t really mean anything. If he’s the man God wants you to marry, he will start wanting to pursue a relationship with you eventually. Give him time. Sometimes people go through several relationships before they find the right person, so he could just still be searching.

Or maybe he really likes you and he’s just not showing it because he’s afraid of rejection. Be friends with him first, then you can get to know him and see if that’s the case.

Remember, the only “perfect” people are the ones we don’t know well 😉 Everyone is weird and unperfect in their own way.

So, to sum it up, pursue a friendship with him first. Just say hi. If he seems standoffish he’s probably just shy. Pursue a friendship with him because *you* like him, and care about him, not because you desperately need him to like you. Does that make sense?

January 13, 2015 at 10:21
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