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He's Such a Great Guy… But He Doesn't Like Theater

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Hi girls. So, I posted a little while ago a post called “He’s Single… And Looking to Pursue a Girl.” If you can’t find the post, in short, there is a Christian guy I know from Intervarsity. He is such a gentleman and is always so nice to me, he treats me really well. Things are going well and there is some playful banter going on between us. We seem to have a few common interests and he loves Jesus, which is important. We also seem to have similar personalities and senses of humor. We haven’t hung out one on one yet, but…

So, my performing arts group is hosting a gala. An hour or two ago, I asked one of the other Intervarsity guys his advice about whether I should ask him to go with me to the gala or not (as friends). And I guess Kyle (the other guy) thought it was a play I was talking about and said basically “He doesn’t like going to plays.”

Let me give a backstory of why this may be a problem. I am so in love with theater. A good portion of my time is spent practicing my audition, being in plays, or at practice. Theater is kind of my niche; it’s what I do. You get the idea. I have sometimes thought an ideal quality in a husband/boyfriend is someone who would encourage me to pursue my acting dreams and would sit down and listen to me practice auditioning, and at least come to my plays, let alone help out backstage or be in some with me.

However, he did listen to me practice a song for my audition (with two other people also watching), I did it like four times, so maybe that is a sacrifice he would be willing to make.

In short, do you think I should just wait for someone who is naturally in love with theater, or should I say it is not a big deal/wait and see if he grows to like/tolerate theater and continue pursuing him? I would never want to be the girlfriend who is making my boyfriend come to my plays… Ick. Any advice on what I should do in the meantime?

Thank you!

August 7, 2016 at 18:24


I dont know a lot about relationships, and am in fact kind of in the waters of what the heck is going on with a guy right now, but I can say that my best friend and her fiance have very different tastes in their interests. Obviously quite a few similar too, but that is part of what makes a relationship special. My friend does not think science is that cool, her fiance is obsessed and loves to do science tricks all the time. She watches and supports every time. She loves music, mainly piano, its not his favorite but he will sit and listen to her for hours. Because their relationship is outside of just common interests.

So basically, if the guy is great, you have mutual feelings, and he’s still going to support you in what you do, it isn’t a bad thing if he doesn’t have a love for it. It would just be something you guys would have to discuss and figure out. Its kinda cliche to say but communication is the key.
I would say invite him out. Its not a big commitment or anything. And get to know him if you want to do that and think their might be feelings there. There’s no harm in that.

But if you absolutely want a guy in love with theater, don’t ask him, and don’t pursue the relationship. Although for all you know this other guy could be wrong.

August 7, 2016 at 19:35


A guy who is genuinely pursuing you, will love you for who you are. Just because you may have different interest doesn’t mean he is being forced to attend something he doesn’t like. Maybe he’s never been into theatre because he doesn’t know much about it. But when you really love someone, anything they do you admire. I am into theatre and I am a musician. Quite frankly, it would seem odd to me to date someone sooo involved in sports, but if that guy is everything God believes I need, I would overlook the fact that our interest differ. IF he doesn’t support you, then he may not be the guy you need in your life. IF he does support you although your interest differ, youll know he really cares for you! 🙂

August 14, 2016 at 14:09
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