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Hockey Player…How Can I Be A Witness?

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Alright ladies, I need help. I’m not sure how many of you will be able to relate to this, but I figured I’d give it a shot.

I love hockey. I love everything about it, from the chill you get when you first step into the arena, to the pulsing beat of the music as the guys take to the ice to warm up, to the way the jumbo-tron flashes stats across its screen, to the actual intense and gripping play. My university’s D1 hockey team is doing fabulously this season. We’re ranked very high in our conference and actually have a shot at making it to nationals. This is the best season our program has had since the 80s, so it’s a pretty big deal both on campus and in the community. That being said, the players are under a huge spotlight right now – they’re basically celebrities at times.

I’m friends with a few of the players. I’ve met them in the dining hall or in class, and I see them everywhere. The one that I really know, though, is our nationally ranked 1st string goalie. I met him at the end of last year in the hallway while we were both waiting for our classes to start. I recognized him from the games, so I introduced myself and we had a nice conversation. We hit it off really well and ended up messaging on FB and then texting for hours on end over the course of the summer. He’s nothing like the negative stereotypes that hockey players tend to embody – he’s one of the nicest, most intelligent guys I’ve ever met, and he’s a total sweetheart.

Back at school, and between his busy practice schedule, my work schedule, and both of our studying (he’s premed and I’m engineering management), we never see each other. We don’t hang out – which is I guess fine because we still talk – but I see him occasionally on campus. He’s always really nice and whatnot, but I feel like we’re drifting apart since he’s been so busy. We’re also not in the same social crowds – whenever he has a little bit of free time he goes to parties and whatnot, and he goes to the bar with some of the other older guys on the team, while I don’t party at all.

I’m not sure how clearly I’m explaining all of this, but I really want to be a witness to him. While we’re friends and we text and stuff, I feel that lately it’s been a little awkward talking to him. We don’t joke around as much as we used to, and a lot of times it feels like I’m the only one who’s invested in the conversation. The only things we really talk about now are hockey and school, which is really frustrating when I think about everything we used to talk about.

I want to be a witness to him, but I’m not sure how when we barely seem to be talking normally as it is. During the summer we had a few conversations about Christianity, and while he respects that I’m a Christian, he says that religion just isn’t for him. I worked at a Christian camp, and we joked about him stopping by on his way back from his home in Canada to our university for the summer class he was taking, and he said something to the extent of “I don’t think God would be too happy with me being there”.

He doesn’t seem to dispel all acknowledgement of God, but he doesn’t believe, either. This is where I’m stuck. How can I be a witness to him without shoving Jesus at him? I want to get through to him, even if it’s just on a friends level again, but I feel like I can do more than that. I believe God put us in that hallway alone together last year to meet for a reason. I believe that I am meant to seek him out and be a witness to him, especially with all this attention the team has been getting lately. I just don’t know what to do.

I appreciate any advice that you lovely girls can give!! Feel free to ask for clarification if I confused you. Thanks!

February 9, 2015 at 11:15


Keep texting and talking with him. Don’t shove it down his throat because then he might just shut you out. There’s a fabulously awesome ministry called Hockey Ministries International. Their mission is to get God into every junior,college, and professional team through chaplains and into youth hockey players lives through camps. There’s an AWESOME book they have called Toward the Goal about different testimonies of NHL players and Olympians and they have some great blogs. Check it out for yourself and maybe you can get a feel for how to keep witnessing.

My boyfriend plays tier 1 junior hockey, some of the guys at that level and at the high level college levels and pros have a hard time trusting people because they’re basically worried people are just friends with them because they’re famous or going to be so the fact that he seems to trust you is awesome and huge. Most of all, don’t give up on him even if he’s stubble and gets mad, he’ll get over it! 😉 what school do you go to? I play hockey and so do my brothers and boyfriend 🙂

March 20, 2015 at 05:56
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