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Homeschool, Private, Public or Christian?

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There’s a thread sorta like this in another section, but it’s old so I want to start a new one.

Which type of schooling do you think is best? Which do you prefer? What are you in now or where have you graduated from? What do you think the pros and cons of that type of school are?

I was homeschooled all the way through 12 grade. Pros for homeschooling include:

I’m very disciplined in school
I’m good at learning through books
I like school, probably since I got to study a lot of what I wanted to study growing up


I had very, very few friends. I was very shy, and I didn’t have enough of a chance to get over that because I wasn’t around people as much as I wanted to be. When I got to high school I got to take more classes outside of my house, but it was still difficult. I wasn’t used to making friends or carrying on a conversation. Thankfully I still made some really awesome friends in high school, but it was very uncomfortable and a struggle.

No guidance counselor. This one frustrated me SO much. I had no one to help me through financial aid, loans, motivate me to look at colleges, help me choose a major or any classes in high school.

No sex education. I didn’t even get “the talk” lol

August 9, 2015 at 12:31


I’ve only ever been to private school that was mostly made up of people from my denomination. So I guess it’s a combination of private and Christian.

We had uniforms, so no one was really focused on what everyone was wearing, or what brands we were wearing. We were there to learn, and I really appreciated that (and still do).
I was able to grow in my relationship with God.
Since I went to the same school from preschool-8th grade, I have made friends that will be in my life forever.

When your school is as small as my old one was, you don’t have a wide variety of friends, and you sometimes end of being forced into toxic friendships.
I didn’t have any sex education, either. My new school has a health class, so that’s probably where I’ll get some information, but I got most of it from my mom, which I’m very thankful for.

For the most part, though, I loved my old school, and I really love the school I’m at now 🙂

August 9, 2015 at 16:37
Mandi Pi

Mandi Pi

I don’t think any schooling is particularly better or worse than another, and I think it just depends on where God puts you and how He decides to help you grow. 🙂

I was homeschooled up to 7th grade, and in 8th and 9th I went to a Christian university model private school (and will go there for the rest of highschool).

I’m honestly not a fan of my school (it’s small, so lots of drama, and I don’t have any really good friends there), but I realize that God has me here for some reason. 🙂

Some upsides are, at least most everyone is Christian, so there aren’t really legitimately mean people there or anything, and of course the teachers include Biblical stuff and prayer in classes. So, I’m able to be in a pretty safe environment. A downside is, it doesn’t exactly give you a chance to evangelize or learn (by experience) how to nurture relationships with non-believers that need to hear about God.

August 9, 2015 at 19:04


So I was in public school all my life except for half of 5th grade and my sophomore through senior year of high school and I have to say that I prefer homeschooling so much better. In my public school there were very few Christians and I became wrapped up in friends that sucked my faith in God away. After deciding to be homeschooled I also found that what they teach in public school is VERY liberal and misleading. I was fortunate enough to find a good co-op which is kind of like college. You enroll in classes, go once or twice a week depending on the number of classes, and then do your work at home. This is how I made friends and ultimately graduated with a Christian worldview and people that I can call my family. In homeschooling you get to go at your own pace, in Texas you don’t have to adhere to state guidelines which means no standardized tests to stress about, and you get to stay in your pajamas all day! I absolutely loved being homeschooled and will definitely be homeschooling my kids.

August 10, 2015 at 10:43


I don’t think there’s any “best” kind of schooling; it just depends on what works best for each person.

Through 12th grade, I went to a private Christian school. And I also went to a private Christian college. The two were pretty different from each other, so I’ll give separate pros and cons for each of them.

Private Christian high school:
-Challenging academics that prepared me for college.
-We had the opportunity to do things we wouldn’t have been able to do in public school. For example, our middle and high schools took trips every year to different places. We went to NYC, Washington D.C., Texas, California, etc.
-Since the school was smaller, students were able to try any sport/activity they wanted to. I got to be a cheerleader, which would not have happened in a school where people were competing for spots. You were also (almost) always guaranteed a spot in plays, and I always had speaking roles in high school.

-We had uniforms. I know people say that wearing regular clothes distracts kids from learning and makes them focus too much on wealth and appearance, but I didn’t find that to be true. Our uniforms were way more expensive than buying nice clothes from a department store would have been, and they stifled individual style and encouraged students to rebel.
-Since our high school was so small, there was a lot of drama. I managed to remain out of most of it, but I know it was an issue for my class.

Private Christian college:
-Assuming you’re a Christian, you’re surrounded by a lot of like-minded people. This can make it easier to make friends who share your world views.
-I didn’t have to worry about my roommates having their boyfriends spend the night because it was against the rules.
-Classes were smaller, so I was able to get to know my professors and classmates well.

-You’re surrounded by a lot of like-minded people, which means you don’t often hear from people with different viewpoints unless you go out of your way to meet them.
-You can feel isolated if you don’t agree with the college’s spiritual viewpoints.

August 10, 2015 at 16:10
Project Inspired


I love being homeschooled!! Here’s why. I don’t have to get up too early. We have hot breakfast when it’s cold. I can do my work in my pink fleece pajamas. My dog sits with me when I do history and science. We go on vacation when it isn’t busy. I can choose to spend extra time on subjects that I’m especially interested in. I have ( some) input on what I study. I can get my work done quickly and I can do more projects. I can do schoolwork outside. We go on field trips to lots of cool places. My mom is really familiar with how I learn. I get to spend lots of time with my family. Here’s some cons. No new school clothes. Usually no snow days. Shorter breaks. People misunderstand you a lot. Less friends ( Not NO friends. I didn’t have any more friends at regular school). No class parties. That’s pretty much all I can think of 😉

August 10, 2015 at 18:46


Gymnastics~Yes, you shared some pros I forgot about! Sleeping in was awesome! 😀
I think homeschooling has a lot going for it, and I plan to homeschool my kids (if I have any!). You can really tailor it to be exactly what you want, so I’ll just be sure to include more social activities and classes that will prepare them for college.

Everyone else~Thanks for replying! I think it definitely depends on the person as well.


When/if you have kids, what type of education will you give them? Obviously it may depend on the kid, but what type do you hope works out?

August 11, 2015 at 12:32


I went to public school my whole life, but I went to high school online, so it’s a little different…
Public school (not online) pros:
-lots of people

-having to get up early
-education doesn’t move at a good pace for everyone (too fast for some, too slow for others)
-when other students don’t care about learning and disrupt the class, it affects everyone (and it happens all too often)

Public school (online) pros:
-move at your own pace
-sleep in, stay in pajamas all day
-one-on-one contact with teachers
-still lots of chances to socialize with other students (and a bonus for the interesting stories behind why they’re doing the online school thing too…)

-students are spread out across state, so it’s hard to plan get togethers with new friends
-hard to make new friends if you’re shy and socially awkward (but that applies to all schools, I guess)
-no snow days
-no school plays/band/choir/sports/etc.

I’d probably send my kids to public school…maybe online, I dunno. Or maybe a decent private/charter school, I dunno. I don’t know if I’d homeschool them, simply because it’s a lot of work…

August 11, 2015 at 14:15
Project Inspired


I am homeschooled, but also attend a once (or some people go twice) a week ”school” we go and take classes and socialize and they even have special things like a yearbook,prom, and a graduation ceremony!

August 24, 2015 at 18:39
Project Inspired


I think I will probably want to homeschool my kids. I do want to get a college degree and have a job before I have kids, but I don’t want them to be raised at a daycare or school. I want to give them the chance to learn how they learn best and get to enjoy being young. I guess if possible I want to be their primary caregiver, but I would love for them to do whatever extra sports , music, classes, etc. for what they are interested in.

August 25, 2015 at 18:47
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