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Hope and Life through JESUS!!! (A little long)

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Hey girls! This is my testimony!

First, let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born with a serious birth defect and wasn’t expected to live past a day or two, but as you can see, I did! Now, that may seem like the testimony, but that’s only the beginning. I was raised in church, but my family was more on the lukewarm side. We went to church, we prayed before meals and before bed, we read the Bible… But we weren’t completely sold out. That made for a mess when some stuff happened (sickness, injuries, dad losing his job). We made it through, but not as well as we could have. By the time we got through that season I had been left questioning who I was, what I was worth…I doubted myself, and just hated myself.

Well, fast forward a couple years to 2015-2016. I’ve had two major surgeries, my dad is always working, and there are some other family things going on. Now I was seriously depressed and lost. I had started walking away from my faith, or tried to anyways. But it seemed all I could do was run back to it! But the depression got worse. I listened to every lie thrown at me and believed them. I got to the point of self harm and suicide. I attempted 3 times, but each time, it just didn’t work. But I vaguely remember hearing God say to me, “why are you doing this? I love you too much to let this happen!” Fast forward a couple weeks… My friend invited me to an event at her church. I, having nothing better to do, agreed to go. While there I started having a panic attack (another thing I had been dealing with) which led to thoughts of self harming. At the end of the service they had an alter call, but I wouldn’t go up. So my friend started praying for me where we were. Within maybe half an hour I was on the ground comepletely overcome by God’s presence and there were probably about a dozen people around me praying. That night I said yes to following Jesus, for real this time. But after a couple weeks I started sliding back into depression and anxiety. That was mid-May. Late June I went to camp with my youth group and I haven’t t been the same since! God totally changed me that week, and continues to do so now, about 2 months later. At camp the Holy Spirit completely overwhelmed me and I couldn’t run anymore. I spent 3 hours in God’s presence, unable to stand or talk or anything. It was amazing! Today I still am facing hard things in life, but, with God’s help, I am getting through! My life was changed and I’m more happy and free than ever before. I want anyone going through depression, anxiety, anything like that, to know…the same God that showed me love and grace and forgiveness and freedom wants to free you too! Please please please open yourself up to him! I regret fighting it for so long. But now I’m so happy. Please, don’t give up. There is HOPE and it comes from JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR!!

August 7, 2016 at 21:28
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Thanks for sharing! You are such and inspiration to everyone reading this. I hope you grow closer to God!

September 30, 2016 at 08:03
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