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How can I stop thinking people hate me?

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I have a hearing loss and some trouble with speech. My friends always tell me I’m a great friend and that they love me. My mom tells me I’m worth knowing, but I have trouble believing that. There always seems to be a prettier or more outgoing girl than me. How could I be worth knowing if someone else is more worth it?

How can I stop thinking this? I’ll be so happy one day when my friends include me and treat me like I’m special to them. I feel almost like the sweetest person and that maybe I really am worth knowing. Then the next day all of that is gone 🙁 I don’t mean to lose the amazing feeling about myself, but I don’t know how to stop losing it. Today I saw some boys from my middle school. I’m friends with one of them but the other one doesn’t like me. (There was an embarrassing situation once and I didn’t have as many social skills) I was worried he would have told my friend awful things about me. Later, my mom said I was probably thinking too hard about it. How can I stop thinking people are always saying bad things about me? Would people ever say good things about me? I was scared to look up, that maybe my friend didn’t like me either now, and when I did I looked away quickly. I want to stop this because it keeps me from interacting from these people. It scares me from even saying “Hi”. Later I realized it probably would have been ok cause he was looking at me too. When they were walking in the hallway, I could see him keep looking at me. And he turned away quickly whenever I looked at him. Then they walked back right by my table. He may have a crush on me, but the real issue is why I’m so scared to look up or why I’m always thinking people are thinking badly of me. I also like to make sure people won’t be mean to me before I talk to them. I don’t know how I became so self-conscientious around people. I also feel like people don’t like me if they don’t respond to a text or something. A few days ago, I saw my friend’s younger brother at school. He’s normally at a different campus, so later I sent him a sweet picture of a friendship quote and said it was nice to see him after school. He didn’t respond and then I saw him the next day. I was scared he would hate me, so I quickly turned around when I saw him. Someone else said ‘Hi’ to me so I looked back. He was staring at me and his eyes were like glowing! Even with my low self-esteem, I knew he was happy to see me and that I didn’t do too badly. I was just me. The sweet girl I am to people! Any advice? Please and thank you! A lot of these situations go better for me than I thought and I just wish I could remember that. I don’t understand how people can love me and be so fond of me.

November 19, 2015 at 16:53


Hey again! I’m back!

I often think the same thing, like I over think stuff so much! Like I’ll think back and think “Oh what I did was so stupid! Why did I say that?! What does that person think of me? No no no I should’ve said this! This would’ve been better to do…”
But I just think of it as in, honestly people don’t keep track of every mistake you make. They don’t even remember!

Everyone is charming in their own way.

I’d say for you is find one thing you love about your self, maybe you could be really good at basketball. The thing you’re good at some people wish to be good at, they wish to have your hair color, your height, your pretty smile. That’s sadly how this world is.
God made you uniquely, you’re the only one of your kind!
Your personality is unique, your look is unique, and honestly if people judge you for who you are, a beautiful young lady in Christ, its their lost. And those are the people who need prayer the most. People who talk bad about people are usually jealous of them. (Trust me, I know!)
So if it seems that people are talking bad about you just pray for them. We are to build others up!
If people are trying to break you down don’t let them. Know that you are Beautifully and Wonderfully made! (I dont know where thats found in the bible .-.)
And about that boy, I’d say just be your self! If he thinks your weird then he’s definitely not the one for you. Everyone is weird in their own way, they just don’t want to admit it XD
And I’d just say that when you talk to him and go back on that conversation, don’t think of what you should’ve said. Think about the good memories, because if you keep thinking about the bad ones then there’s no room for good. But if you only think about good there’s no room for bad and all you’ll have is good memories!

I really hope I helped you!

December 4, 2015 at 21:30
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