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How Do I Pray about this…mess?!

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Long story short, I’m a 19 year old college student (turning 20 in several months) and well, I’ve always been pretty content on being single. The thought of “adding someone” on my journey was always kind of on the back burner. But it seems of as late, God has been working on preparing my heart to bring someone into my life. He’s been even calling me to write letters to my future husband (which, surprisingly, I’ve been enjoying very much! 😀 )
Anyways, I think that slowly God is starting to incorporate a certain guy into my life. He has matched all 10 of my “no compromise” qualities, and though we have our differences in personality and other areas of life (which is natural), our callings are beginning to match up almost flawlessly! The only issue? He is a friend, and well, over the past several months things have started to get, well, weird. How? Let me explain:
1) another girl in youth group who is younger than us has taken a fancy to him–and she really doesn’t like me. And she makes it VERY clear to me she has her eyes on him!
2) one of mutual friends likes him… he’s closer to her though, but I’m worried about hurting her.
3) we’re both fairly independent people, and have both stated we want to be single for as long as possible. Until a few months ago–we both disclosed to mutual friends that well we still like to be single, it seems God is calling us to another path.
4) I’m just not plain sure how I feel about him! While he does fit the list perfectly, makes me laugh, and makes me feel comfortable, I just don’t know! Recently, he’s even picked up a strange habit of basically ignoring me and just being odd. What once was hugs and just talking to me/joking around with me has turned into not talking to me/no more joking around, basically running away from/avoiding me, staring at me (at church, bible study, hanging out, basically every single time we’re together), no more hugs and constantly in a state of fluffing his hair/stroking his beard/fixing his clothes when ever I walk through the door. When I do catch him staring at me, he will without a doubt either give me a quick smile & look away blushing, or will pretend he was zoning off, but turns red. It’s almost as if he’s giving me mixed signals!
So basically, I’m kind of at a stand still. I pray about the general issue, but I feel like I’m getting no where. Should I be praying for something more specific? Find an older woman to discuss it with? I’m just so confused, and well I don’t mind on waiting on God’s timing, I certainly don’t want to tie up my heart in the matter!

June 11, 2015 at 22:06
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