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How do you help yourself feel better during that time of the month?

Home Forums Life, Love & Girlfriends Random Thoughts and Questions How do you help yourself feel better during that time of the month?

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I’m sooooooo freaking exhausted. Like a week before my period I always get exhausted, moody, headaches etc. etc.

Here are some things I do the week before and during. Feel free to add yours!

1.Nap. a lot.
2.Eat really healthy (at least this month I am). Headaches have been much less severe and I’ve been maybe a teensy bit less crabby but I’m still so tired.
3. Magnesium supplement
4. 7.5-9 hours of sleep every night
6. take quizzes on buzzfeed when I should be studying for a test
7. Be nice to myself. lol

October 18, 2016 at 14:09


When I have them:
1. Chocolate. Lots of it. The darker the better.
2. Hot showers. At least one a day.
3. Heating pad
4. Caffeine
5. Lots of comfy pillows
6. Netflix
7. My fat guinea pig. I set her on my abdomen and she’ll stay there, applying pressure and warmth, plus she cheers me up. Seriously, this works. 😀

October 18, 2016 at 15:41


Because I am an unhealthy nut, my diet only changes by adding midol, wanting cereal or chocolate or all these random foods. Like, I will randomly have a burning desire for popcorn or something weird like that.
I always YouTube Marissa Rachael videos and use clue to track it. And complain. A lot, to everyone who will listen.
Any advice on not being awkward when asking parents to buy products?

October 19, 2016 at 01:29


I have really really really really really bad cramps at that time and so i have this like small portable heat pad things that you stick on your underwear and they heat for 8 hours and i get them at walgreens and they are the best. #lifesaver

October 19, 2016 at 07:52
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