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How to Approach Youth Pastor with Skeptical Questions?

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I would only advise the spiritually mature to read the following; as I don’t want to confuse anyone who might be battling with their faith at the moment.

I’ve been learning in World History class stories such as ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh’ and topics like how certain ancient religions could have inspired Christianity.

I take what I learn with a grain of salt, yet, I’d really like answers on some of those little questions.
How would I ask my youth pastor about this without seeming like a “rebellious teenager who wants to question the faith.”

Also, is it wrong for someone who does not support homosexuality, to think….(I sat down & honestly thought about this)
I understand why Athiests support equal rights and marriage, and if I believed in evolution, I’d probably be doing the same thing they’re doing with equal rights.
Plus, if I put myself in their shoes, I am actually kind of happy for their ambition for what in their eyes, they are standing up for something they find unjust?
Is God upset I had this thought?
Think about it, if you believed no one would get tossed into hell, disrupt a creation, (I don’t want to say pervert it) and just thought everyone will end up in the ground when they die, why would you want to stop two people of the same sex from marrying each other?

January 14, 2015 at 12:24
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It is natural to ask these kinds of questions. Your youth pastor should be able to answer those questions for you. Be totally honest, ask the questions you want to ask. Don’t sugarcoat it. If your youth paster brushes you off, find someone who is willing to truely and honestly answer the questions.

And, yes I understand why athiests support equal rights and marriage. But it is also against natural law and universal truths. Marriage’s purpose, even before religion can into play, was to create a place where the future generation can grow and be safe. A man plus a women equals children. Which is needed to keep the human race from dying all together. A man and a man cannot have a baby without the help of a women.

Just my two cents.

January 14, 2015 at 20:31


I think your youth pastor will see it just opposite–you’re asking questions because you’re interested in your faith. Many people go to youth group and just listen but never hear, if that makes sense. They don’t question their faith because they never think about it. What you wrote shows that you are serious about your faith.

Because the Bible is rooted in complete truth, NEVER be afraid to ask questions if something seems off or you don’t understand. That’s part of growing. Then, when someone comes to you with the same question you will be able to answer them.

Thessalonians says to “test everything” 🙂 Also, no God is not upset with you. You showed empathy by thinking that which is actually very good. We can understand a person’s point of view without agreeing with them. This is a very important part of being kind and respectful of other people’s views, even if we don’t agree with them.

February 4, 2015 at 17:40


I think you should definitely ask your youth pastor, but I also wanted to share what me and my other Christian friends decided about things like the epic of gilgamesh after a lot of discussion ☺. The way I see it, all the arc stories sort of confirm the Bible’s account of Noah’s arc. How could all these different cultures have an account of a great flood if it didn’t happen? Given my faith, I choose to believe that the Bible is the true account, I just think of other stories as imperfect versions if that makes sense. Hope I helped somewhat 😊

September 6, 2015 at 10:00
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