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How to Deal With Hearing About Tragic Passings?

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I’d like to say, before you continue reading, that this topic has to do with death and hearing about suicide. If this may be triggering to you, please do not keep reading.

So I read an article today about the suicide of a seventeen year old named, Draven Rodriguez, widely known as an internet meme of him & his cat posing for a humorous yearbook photo.

Never heard of this guy, or his internet meme, until today… and what upsets me the most is hearing about people committing suicide who might not be saved.
How should one deal with hearing these things? Its horrifying.

And what can I do at my age, fifteen, to help people who may be suicidal? I understand I can be there for people, ask them how they are, be a kind person, show them Jesus, you know… but I feel like there is so much more I as a fellow human being, could be doing.

If you’d like to read article on Draven Rodriguez’s suicide, I’ll post a link below.


February 21, 2015 at 15:32


I’m more concerned about the family of those poor people than whether or not they’ve been saved, but that’s just me.

Research prevention hotlines, and see if you can donate.

March 11, 2015 at 16:10
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