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How to respond to someone who is homosexual/bisexual?

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Hi, I’ve been struggling with this for a while. This is such a controversial topic in Christianity. I myself know that God condemns homosexuality, so I understand it’s a sin. It’s also the sin that bugs me the most; it makes me very angry that this has now become an epidemic. It’s difficult for me to treat these people in a loving, Christian way, but I’m trying to learn. I just want to know what to say to someone that tells you that they think homosexuality is okay because if you love is love, and it doesn’t matter what gender it’s with (and this person also claims to be bisexual herself). When she said that, I had no idea how to respond. I didn’t want to come across as rude and brash, but I didn’t want her thinking that was okay. What should I do?

November 5, 2015 at 22:08


God condemns all sin, hence why Jesus had to die. How do you respond to someone who lies, or gossips, or cheats, or is selfish? Do you struggle with any sin yourself? Of course you do. How do you want people to respond to you?

Homosexuality is not an epidemic, nor is it new; people have struggled with gender identity and same-sex attraction throughout history.

Just treat her like a normal person. When someone tells you they think homosexuality is OK, you don’t need to preach at them and bash them over the head with your Bible. Pray in advance, and if God wants you to say something, he will place something on your heart and in your head. But it will be kind and your words won’t condemn. (Remember, the goodness of God leads to repentance; Romans 2:4) If you can’t think of anything to say, perhaps God doesn’t want you to say anything.

Love everyone where their at, without trying to change them. Changing people is God’s job, don’t try to do his job for him.

November 6, 2015 at 08:16
Broken Vessel

Broken Vessel

AdventureGirl nailed it!
Your friend is a normal person, treat her like one.
By now, everyone (in America, at least) has heard what God thinks of non-cis, non-hetero people. So save the ”it’s an abomination” lecture.
Ask her what her favorite color is, what her favorite band is, what she dreams to do in the future- just like you would holy straight person.

November 6, 2015 at 19:47


Like the other two said. Treat them like people. Because they are people.

November 7, 2015 at 08:28


Okay seriously what is this “holier than thou” opinion that almost all of Christianity has seemed to adopt? Have we forgotten that Jesus showed love and acceptance to the sinners. That he hung around adulterers, tax collectors, and other sinners? That he died as the living sacrifice to our sin so that we could be connected to God?

EVERYBODY has sin. Let me repeat that again. EVERYBODY HAS SIN!!!!!! And God loves everyone.
Christian means little Christ. As in act like Christ. What did Christ do? Loved. He did not do anything else. He let everyone choose how they would respond, and let that response be because love does not condemn, and it does not force.

Why does homosexuality seem so different? Because it itsn’t. God sees all sin the same. And maybe it takes a crappy life to actually understand that, but if murder and lying are on the same scale, so is homosexuality.
Also, only acting on it is the sin. Being homosexual itself is not a sin.

Everyone knows what Christians think of homosexuality (or any non-cis sexuality) why don’t you actually be the difference in this world and show the love that you you were actually commanded to do in the first place. Push yourself and your feelings aside. Because God never said “If you feel like its wrong, push them aside”.

And Im sorry if this sounds harsh. I just can’t stand how horrible Christians are treating others these days in the name of “God”. We are just doing what Satan wants of us.

November 7, 2015 at 18:48


I agree with the others. Just show this person godly love, since they don’t understand what’s happening in them right now. I’m in a school club with a guy and a girl that are homosexual and they’re the nicest people ever! Even though I don’t agree with the sin they’ve committed themselves to, that doesn’t mean I have to bring out a Bible on them and bash on them for it, because it’s not gonna change their mindset in the end, and it’s not my job to change their mindset to begin with. All I can do is be nice to them and pray for them, because they just don’t know any better and don’t even realize it, unfortunately; and that goes for anybody else that’s stuck in a situation just as sinful. So just let God do His thing. And I understand how tiresome the homosexual topic can get, trust me; especially since it’s all over the media nowadays. But as long as you read/study your Bible more, and learn to see what God sees, you’ll know exactly what to say and how to respond to these people in a nice, loving way 🙂

November 9, 2015 at 07:06
Project Inspired


You don’t have to be tolerant and expectant of their choices BUT with that being said we are called to show love without judgment. Just encouraging this person and being a light to them. God loves them and it’s his place to work in their lives and judge their choices. So just have boundaries and even maybe say that you personally cant be supportive in some of their choices but that you will be a friend and be here for them. Just be careful how you word this because you don’t want to push them into thinking negatively about God. It isn’t always easy to accept that God doesn’t approve of you actions when you feel like you can’t control them.
Be a light but be firm in your beliefs.

November 10, 2015 at 17:58


I am bisexual. I do not choose to be bi. I JUST AM. so yah

December 14, 2015 at 10:04
Mandi Pi

Mandi Pi

@116U, I second what AdventureGirl and Mandi_lee stated. 🙂

As I’ve never had a friend who said they were LGBT, I honestly am still not completely sure how I would handle it either (though I’ve given it lots of thought), but I think AdventureGirl/Mandi_lee were pretty spot on. In the context of no other sin would we say that you should tell the person your opinion, so why should we say that in regards to this sin? If the person brings it up/discusses it/asks you about your thoughts, then by all means, share your thoughts in a respectful manner, but by golly, don’t go Bible-slapping them when there’s no motive to. As these ladies have said, the majority of people have heard someone say that being (or acting upon the feeling of being) LGBT is sinful, so you lecturing them about it is going to do more harm than good.

Trust me when I say, lecturing people about why your opinions are right *will get you nowhere*. I don’t believe in dating in middle school/high school, and I used to lecture my dating friends constantly about it, and all I did for years was build up a wall between us until I was only being obnoxious, rude, harmful, and an awful friend; I am no longer in contact with those people, so how I treated them is one of my greatest regrets. So, I tell you with certainty: you can share your thoughts with others and encourage them to make healthy choices, but know where the line is, and find the appropriate times and manner in which to do so.

December 14, 2015 at 12:12
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