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How To Survive as a Skinny Girl *Video

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So hey, I found this video and it really hit home with me and In felt the need to talk to someone about it.
A lot of people tell me that my 115 pounds and 5’10 height is an unrealistic standard, that I am not a real woman because I don’t have ” Curves.” That I need to eat something, that I need to gain weight. My mother has been asked if she even feed my sister and I. I have been told that I don’t get to dislike my body, after hate has been told to me time and again that I am not enough. So please, understand that thin isn’t always what people want. I have ginge eaten so many times to try and gain weight. Never compare a girls wrist to a twig. Never tell her she need to change her body in anyway. Please understand that being thin isn’t being happy.
This video made me cry, remembering my own mother telling me that real women had curves. And then becoming a teenager, seeing a body that only has the curves that my bones make. Please NEVER tell a girl that being thin makes her anything.
Warning: This video has swearing. But it is worth a listen to.

April 19, 2016 at 14:39


I loooved that! Although I myself am not very thin anymore, I used to be extremely thin when I was… let’s say, 1 to about 12(ish), and I know all about being shamed and called names for simply being who I was. I find this just as terrible and repulsive as calling somebody ”fat” or ”ugly”. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way because everyone is a unique creation of the Lord. God sees each person as beautiful and special, no matter the size.

P.S. I also used to have severe medical issues which made me gain a lot of weight and after that, I was also often called ”fat” and bullied and abused for that. I used to really struggle with that, but after going through it all, it made me realize that it makes me more compassionate for others and makes me understand and relate to different kinds of people well. I think every person’s body is beautiful, be it thin or large. 🙂

April 21, 2016 at 09:22
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