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How to talk to a cute customer?

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I work at a Chick Fil A. A couple weeks ago, a really cute customer came in. I know that I’m an absolute dork for this, but I got really excited because he looks almost exactly how I picture one of my favorite fictional characters ever. (Noah Czerny from The Raven Cycle). I took his order and he was very friendly.

Anyway, he sat around for a while eating his food, and I got really excited and told a couple of my coworker friends. Then, one of my newer coworkers (who works in the kitchen) got off his shift. It turns out he’s friends with the cute customer, and they started talking. I think I overheard them say that they went to the same church or something.

Anyway, my friend says I should ask my coworker if he can help me get to know his friend, but I’m really nervous and shy. I’m probably going to be leaving my job when school starts again, so it’s not like I have a whole lot to lose. I just have trouble talking to boys in public in general. Any advice?

June 13, 2016 at 17:04
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